Headsplosion where and how

So far for 3 days I’ve farmed Manvark, I have now maxed out 5 sdus and picked up over 1k in eridium. All I want is the gun are we sure this is who drops it? I did pickup a sickle from him in the first few runs.

Are you on Mayhem at all?

Yep for the last week or so

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It drops from manvark in Konrad’s hold, can confirm today on Xbox with most current hotfix/patch

Thanks. However I had this same issue with savage lee in BL2, just wouldn’t give it up.

Then I got nothing else :frowning: I know they’re hella stingy with their drops on Normal Normal. Other than that, unsure.

Drop rates are atrocious, but they do drop. I have a bunch of them.

Thanks to everyone who confirmed it dropped. Was able to get a dastardly one to drop this morning on my first run.

Now thats a name I haven’t seen in a while. Hello! Still playing with snipers huh? :slight_smile:

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Yep. Took a long break after having it out with moderators. To which I was found not at fault. Will be getting back into Borderlands grinding again.

Cool! I was referring to Aether tho. He was a sniper guru back in the old BL2 forums

I had the same issue as you did, took A LONG time before it dropped. but now i got i love it. And this morning got one for Zane with 120% Damage Anointed. Gonna be fun :cowboy_hat_face:

Hisashiburi dude, and I imagine that as long as bears defecate in woods I will be playing with snipers in borderlands.

It’s not like I would have preferred, because Fl4k doesn’t have sniper sway reduction/+bullet velocity perks…

But I make do… Hopefully we get an additional skill tree or something to meet my needs…

As for the headsplosion, it was my first chosen legendary I went to farm up. The drop rate is lower than some sourced weapons but the available bandwidth of possible variants is much narrower.

It’s an excellent weapon in my honest opinion, I thoroughly enjoy using it. I will be farming up a terrified one for my newer builds.