Heal Plz glitch preventing platinum

Hi Everyone,

I apparently healed so much that it is now showing me as having a progress of -1904581112/1000 – this is preventing me from getting rank one of this challenge (despite previously having rank 5 of it). Is there any way to resolve this issue so that I can earn the platinum that I’ve worked so hard for?

Hi @jester92803! At the moment, the team is still investigating this issue. We’re hoping to have more news on it in the near future. Sorry it’s preventing you from going platinum though! :confused:

I’m not completely sure, so take it with a grain of salt, but I believe it rolls back to 0 eventually. Allowing you to acquire the first rank.

I really appreciate the comment-- I understand how bugfixes go, so no worries, I can be patient.

It definitely does. I’ve gotten it from -190 billion down to -150.5 billion, so it will hopefully roll past zero as I work through to op8, which I’m about to start. I just need to make sure literally everything else is done first so that it doesn’t re-break.


Yup. Had the same issue with the Elemental damage glitches. Be careful though because I could swear I was losing progress when I turned off and restarted the game.