Heal Plz Glitch still around?

Is anyone else still having this glitch? I have only had it a couple of times, but I was watching a buddies stream, and he has a BAR of several million. Every time he uses a rocket launcher for FFYL he gets the Heal Plz glitch where he gets the 166 BAR for the achievement. He said one time he let it go to see how long it would go, and it kept giving him the achievement for over 20 minutes. I searched for it, and the only thing I could find was from 2012 on the old forums.

Now, he has had some clud problems in the past so he doesn’t use the STEAM cloud. When he wanted to play BL2 somewhere besides his house ( had no WiFi for about 2 months so gamed from a bar with fast WiFi ) he copied the sav files from one PC to another. Could that have caused anything? Although, I think he said he was having the glitch before he started doing that, and since he used to use the infinite ammo glitch it was happening all the time.