Heal power does not effect drones

Done extensive testing with both myself and a teammate and well we have found Heal power dose not in fact effect how much drones will heal for. It may effect the stationery aoe heal but not its defult method. It appears as if beacuse of the cap set on the amount of healing you get it nether increase the amount you will recive over all nor dose it speed how fast you get said healing. At first I thought it was intended but then I was told Kid Ultras legendary was a heal power gear :stuck_out_tongue: this needs to be fixed as he is a support and gear become slim pickings as you don’t really want to bother with a damage build (he can’t crit and he has to reload hindering him in some aspects vs other supports)

Honestly Kid Ultra is probably one of the most disappointing and buggy characters the game has :frowning:


Yeah, that is a problem. A rather large one. But believe me, damage KU is quite strong. I almost always have top minions and double others damage. You just have to build away from healing. But this will change my build, thank you. And he is very buggy. I still like him though

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The word you are looking for is “broken”. There are a plethora of things wrong with him. Honestly, drones not being affected by heal power gear is the least of his problems.


Now just imagine if the person in that video had taken the effort to put all four of those drones on a Benedict and stuck near him instead of playing selfish healer.

That would worry me a lot more than late game kid ultra.

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For something that takes a careful minute to prepare while not healing your team on a late game character I’m shockingly okay with this. (Don’t take him from me)

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Or went triple shot for the lvl 9 stuns instead of going for pure damage?

They did an okay job of making people choose which routes to take with his helixes, but I do see nerfs in his future. I just hope they don’t go overboard with them and make him completely useless. He doesn’t accomplish a whole lot unless you purposely spec him for something as it is.

I’m also okay with this considering how much effort it takes to set up.


Nobody should be okay with a character being able to kill a 3.8k health Kelvin in 3 seconds. The only others character in the game capable of putting out this much damage in so little time is Kleese, with bouncing overloaded mortars and a full shield build, if he catches his target directly between them and a wall (which I also believe is bullshit, although it almost never happens). Even standing in a full rift network doesn’t deal this much damage (and networks can’t be shot at an enemy). It doesn’t matter how “late game” you are, it isn’t okay.

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The risk/reward for setting up drones seems appropriate. I say keep Stackable damage increase with the drones.

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Eh, I really think that if you build a character completely around one thing and waste time reaching that thing and using 5 skills to do it and ignore neatly half of the characters potential and take no survival gear and they don’t sublimate out I’m more okay with it. It is somewhat OP, but it takes a lot of work and wasted time to reach there. (That’s why I out the line in parentheses where I kinda admitted he was somewhat too strong lol)

Yeah this sucks, but its surely has to do with having a limit. His drones don’t even count as healing given. So just a quick question(I’m quite sure already but just to maybe get more confirmation) it does affect his ultimate though right?

His Ult is counts towards healing given/recieved so I would imagine that it is affected by heal power. I still wouldn’t use gear for it since it would only affect his Ult and nothing else in his kit.

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Yeah I wouldn’t either, If I do I only use the solar sustainer.

Might want to test if Solar Sustainer triggers from the drones before you say that.

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No need to because I only use it in correlation with his ult b/c it’s a burst heal so my strategy with solar sustainer isn’t for drones, we already put that aside let alone the whole topic of the thread itself, it’s clear heal power and drones do not intertwine. I use it for the burst heal and to have the extra dmg boost especially maximizing if I can by chance be able to activate aura of justice in the midst of activating SS’s special effect. I use it with oath of sustained and the symbiotic G on several occasions to max out my dmg.

I think his lore legendary is designed with his ult in mind, since its tertiary effect relates to it.

KU’s ult is only a 30 sec cooldown iirc so buffing his burst heal is actually very viable, even if the drones aren’t affected.

That said it’s strong enough in and of itself so I prefer to go skill/attack damage build.

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It’s because his healing drone sucks. It’s insanely hard to proc, heals for very little on a relatively long skill cooldown, and can be shot out of the sky

The damage amp on the drones is obscene on Benedict. He killed me as full health Montana with the hailstorm in just under 4 seconds. It needs a nerf too.

Wait something just occurred to me. Does this mean negative healing doesn’t effect the drones either?

That would be the case.

Its a big waste of stats tho for just his ult ya its a low cd but your better of having a legendary that will buff healing received which dose effect drones healing even if the equasion makes it only like 1 or 2 points ever 3rd tick. At least that dose something worth while.