Heal Power Gear Worth It?

So is heal power worth using on her? Isn’t her left level 2 option good enough? What are your thoughts?

In PVP you want as much heal power as you can get. In PVE, it depends on how well your team is doing because you can generally heal just fine between fights. Basically, if you find yourself healing your team a lot during PVE fights, then get the heal power. Otherwise go with something else.

I’d say it heavily depends on your playstyle. Ambra is one of the more versatile characters and can perform various roles in a party.

First of all, there is a huge gap between PvE and PvP with stat priorites and gearing.
Basically, PvP loadouts need to be cheaper and more focused, while PvE loadouts can be more expensive and cover more major stats.

If you’re the only ‘healer’, let alone the only support, I would consider it mandatory.
If your Team has a capable designated healer, then I’d probably replace it by something else.

Also, if you’re playing a lowlevel Ambra (meaning no Legendary and/or Radiant Halberd mutation) you are for all intents and purposes a melee class. Heal Power is one way to increase your overall survivability and shines in melee-heavy groups.

From a purely gear-focused standpoint: Heal Power is one of the more useful stats for Ambra. So, I’d try to fit some into an ideal loadout. But there are other stats, that will probably take up the free slots first.
Although there are nice gear solutions to cover both Heal Power and Healing Received (Uncommon/Epic Eldrid Remedy Box) in a single item. Also, her legendary comes wiith both Skill Damage and Heal Power.
So, you’d end up with ~20% Heal Power (more, actually since gear affixes are multiplicative).


I would say yes. I managed to do ~50k healing in an incursion match recently and I don’t have her rank 12 mutation yet, which is supposed to make her a much stronger healer from everything I have read. That’s with up to 27% heal power on my gear between her legendary and a blue heal item (third is a zero-cost shard generator).

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I haven’t had tons of play with ambra, but with the right heal powers she’s gotta be pretty close to invincible.

Not even close to how she used to be, no, because her base damage was reduced dramatically, which impacted the magnitude of her life steal.

LOL I played her last night. second time I picked her up and first time in a PVP. Went 17-1. I’m not going to say she’s OP, but 1v1 she’s pretty hard to kill. I could only imagine what she was. I don’t even think I was using optimal gear, but it was sufficient. Her lore challenges have to be the easiest in the game.

Heal power in general is best when matched with healing received gear. That requires some team coordination. I’d say yes personally, especially if playing in a party

I’m trying the void resonator, veil manipulator and her legendary. That’s a lot of heal power +self healing. Try it out.

Her biggest limitation is range, until level 7 (with the mutation).

I still don’t have a great feel with her of when to do what. I’ve been trying to play her as a healer, and I have trouble killing single thralls in the first few levels (died a few times) whereas I do that fairly easily on most characters.

If you want to see how she was before, dig up a CTT video of Stealth Shampoo.

I’ll have to do that. Gracias sir.

Before going berserk by saying “lol 3 legendaries” check this out…

Ambra is my 2nd mastery and my go to when the rest of the team do not pick a healer or Ambra is just right for the comp.

I use Solar Sustainer - Veil Manipulator - Shard of Jennar.

Pick Veil Manipulator first (obviously) and Solar Sustainer 2nd and Shard of Jennar last.

Solar sustainer is the best thing ever for Ambra, it was just made for her tbh, which you can also figure out by the note on the item. Ambra is a silent sister.

Try it… you will love the healing output

How do you get Solar Sustainer?

Random Drop from Jennerit Loot Packs / Jennerit Commander Packs (and of course, Legendary Loot Pack).
Can also drop from from Epic Loot Packs (Very Rare) and Rare Loot Packs (ridiculously low chance, though).

Would you happen to know if this weekends event will affect loot packs?

I have no special information on the Lootpocalypse Event, but I assume that loot packs have their own loot tables and will not be affected by the event. But don’t take my word for it. :smile:

Ambra will soon have an eight second cooldown on Sunspots and can Loews them by meleeing. So insane Sunspots that apparently heal more too.

do you have a source for this? I’ve been hearing 24 of the characters are being tweaked but I haven’t seen anything myself.

The DLC update plan, the stream update thread, and the stream itself is logged where you can see the reworked characters on the new maps. It’s all in the News section, or on Twitch.

thanks man!

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