Heal Power Gear Worth It?

ive been rocking her as a pocket healer since level 12, and having at least one healing gear helps, though more make it so the enemy team are hard pressed to burst down the sunspots im healing, that are healing ALL off my team+minions at once :wink: its a noticeable difference since the sunspots are constantly getting drained and your constantly healing them.

ive personally had zero luck playing her any other way, though the health boost to sunspots should help, as that was my main gripe with them before i could heal them.

Woah. Are you serious about the eight second cooldown? I knew about the melee strikes reducing sunspot cooldown but not that. If that’s true then her solar burst helix option (and potentially her soothing sunlight helix if they buff it) could potentially make her a true threat. Nuking people with 200 damage sunspots every few seconds sounds brutal, though probably not as bad as it was in the beta. If the cooldown works with her radiant halberd mutation, they may have to nerf her legendary to prevent near infinite solar bursts.

The faster cooldowns could also make her solar anomaly mutation viable as well, as before one of her sunspots would usually dissipate by the time her skill was ready.

The only thing I hope they change now is her ultimate. Although it has its uses, it is definitely one of the more underwhelming ultimates in the game. Maybe they have already reduced the delay by a second or something.

Oh man, I’m so excited for this upcoming patch. All of my favorite characters are getting buffed, the new maps are dynamic and exciting, and Pendles will be released soon. :heart_eyes: :smile: :sunny:

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It’s kinda an estimate based off of the stream, but it was definitely near there and extremely short.

Actually, they reduced the damage/healing from both of those level 3 mutations (solar burst & soothing sunlight). My guess is that they would have been too strong in conjunction with the base cooldown change and the ability to reduce it further so easily.

The Radiant Halberd mutation won’t get any of the cooldown reduction on sunspots, but the Spear will get an increased effect since it dissipates all of her heat at once.

I personally don’t have a problem with her ult, it takes practice, yes, but it’s a good area denial tool. If you put it behind an enemy without them noticing they’ll just run into the meteor or flaming remains, possibly getting you a kill.

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Yup, I like her ult for area denial. If you want to actually damage things with it, best bet is behind the enemy in a chaotic situation, as you said, or if you’ve got teammates with stuns at the ready.

I’m thinking with the changes that, as much fun as radiant halberd is (and as awesome as having some range can be), going with +1 sunspot and flame staff at 7 might be a more compelling option than it was before.

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Plus you can give it a stun, and it’s good for sneaking in and getting the enemy sentry damaged, since it’s quite a large area.

I was thinking about the Spear myself, but that’s mostly because I really adore it’s appearance. (Looks so much better than the halberd option in my opinion.

Yeah, my comment was made 2 days ago before that announcement. I know that now :slight_smile:.

As for her ult, I did say it had its uses though I still think it is one of the more underwhelming ultimates in the game. I have more than once placed it behind the enemy, so by the time they back up they get hit by it. It’s very hard to pull off against coordinated teams though. During those matches I just use it to kill minions and area denial—it’s kinda like S&A’s ult until level 10.

Edit: I do wish they had her halberd mutation look better than just removing the spikes on her staff. It looks so… vanilla.

id say yes extra healing on her (especially after the buff) will really keep you and your team up. However because of the buff you can free up space with to put say an attack damage, healing recieved etc. I have a purple gear that’s heal power and attack damage and it works wonders, really hope you get it and enjoy the now even more versatile ambra!:slight_smile:

Montana players would like to have a word with you. His is nigh-on useless until level 10 in PVP; it works great in PVE when surrounded by enemies though.