Heal power questions

Does skill damage still affect heal power or has that been updated?

Also how come I can’t find and primary stat heal power gear? Is it a secondary stat only?

I’ve not heard of skill damage affecting heal power, but i have plenty of heal power gear as it’s primary (or only) stat.

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Heal Power Gear looks like this^

Ok thanks. DANG I can’t get any of this… I know I’ve probably seen it and it was just crappy gear so I sold it, but I can’t seem to get any at all now!

Skill dmg buffs

Alani: wellspring, geyser/riptide heal
Miko: self heal bysinthesis and ult
Reyna: lvl 4 left
Ambra: sunspot heal
Ku: drones
Kleese: amount of shield healed by rifts


Do these ONLY rise with Skill Damage or BOTH Heal Power AND Skill Damage?

I also always wondered if Heal Power+ only works for someone else e. g. if you have Heal Power+ as Ambra and use the sunspot it heals others more, but you just the same.

Would a Miko that chooses that Heal Beam heals itself during Biosynthesis be healed more with Heal Power+ or does a self preserving Miko have to stack lots of Healing Received+?

Also… what about Lifesteal? Affected by Heal Power or Healing Received or neither?

Lifesteal and healing… all mystery to me.

Sorry for all that questions :sweat:

Both :wink: for extra power.

Heals everyone the same amount, what changes is if they or you have a heal recive gear.

You heal urself the same amount that you are healing + biosynthesis. Miko’s beam gets extra heal power from attack power.

Neither, lifesteal is something complete different and is only boosted by your attack power and attack speed.

The easy way to know if something is boosted by heal recive is if a green hear is shown next to your hp.


So if the Sunspot is only affected by “Skill Damage”… that means the extra heal power on her personal gear is only useful if you take the Helix to heal someone with your staff, right?

Pretty complicated for what should be so simple :smile:

Also thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:

I thought he said that sunspot heals are affected by both skill damage and heal power gear.


What @hamburglar86 said, is buffed by skill dmg and heal power.

If u use that helix, to heal with ur staff it is buffed by attack power and heal power.

Heal power buffs everything that heals, like toby lvl 2 right.

Oh okay, Misunderstood the Answer to my Sunspot example… got it now.

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Thats why this community exist! :smile:

If u want an unkillable ambra, run heal power, skill dmg and heal recive.

Pretty sure KU drones have recently been patched to be Healing and not Skill…can anyone confirm or deny?

I did this until I switched out healing ecieved for symbiotic gauntlet for more lifesteal and higher passive proc, as well as crazy crits with radiant spear. I feel like I’m the only one who runs her with that. Probabaly because I go harasser/healer Ambra instead of zoner/healer

Pretty much anything affected by heal power is also affected by skill power. Weird but I don’t mind, I love skill power