Heal Power vs. Health Regen

When a gear says -Heal Power, does that affect Health Regen in any way, provided from both gear or the passive of being an Eldrid? Would really like to clear this up

Edit: Also, how does Heal Power and Healing Received affect life steal?

The stats are pretty self-explanatory. Heal Power is not Health Regen, so therefore -Heal Power will not effect Health Regen in any way, shape, or form.

Health Regen, Healing Received, and Heal Power are all unique stats in and of themselves, and therefore do not effect each other whatsoever.

Okay, just wanted to make sure. As for life steal, is that affected by both?

Lifesteal is probably heal power and healing received, since it shows up in both healing given and healing received in postgame stats.

Life steal is both healing given and received on the stats board, but it is unaffected by gear the increases or decreases either stat.

My understanding of lifesteal is that the only way to affect it aside from anything that directly mentions “lifesteal” is by increasing damage. The more damage you do, the more life you steal. I haven’t seen any actual formulas for how it works in this game. That’s my assumption.

Heal Power increases the healing of throughput abilities like Miko’s healing beam or biosynthesis. Health Regen is a totally different thing and just happens passively.


So if I have an item that says +4 healing per second and +4 healing received
the healing received will not work with the healing per second right?
I was trying to double dip a little with kelvin but if that’s the case I may have to change some things up.

My understanding is that Health Regen is different than “Healing Received”. So no, they shouldn’t stack.