Healers are meant to heal, not kill

Maybe it’s just me, but people playing as Miko to just throw kunai and not heal have become more frequent. Im trying to get master of Montana because I enjoy playing as him and it’s a good time(usually). But people who play as miko on my team don’t heal me or anyone for that matter. Many Miko players I’ve been playing with go up front and try to kill everything, retreat when they have low health, and don’t even see I have low health too. I’ve died too many times just standing by a miko, who thinks throwing kunai are more important than healing people. Like fungus amount us isn’t used to throw at the enemies at their choke point, it’s more useful to put it on your own side so when you have a Montana, Galilea, and Isic on your team, you can destroy the other people. Play Rath if you want to do damage…

I would point out to you that the game lists characters like Miko as supporters, not healers. Obviously Miko has a heavy skill emphasis on healing, but they don’t have to be played that way. What you are encountering is just part of what comes along with playing a team based game with random folks. I am not disagreeing that they may be more useful to the team in a healing role, but maybe you just caught them in a round where they are trying out a new build. Or they really just don’t understand the character. I believe you will see less of this in ranked play once it is released. In the meantime the best you can do is try to communicate to them how useful their healing assistance would be.

And to be fair the game does not do a fantastic job in helping supports identify team members that need healing. Most games with a dedicated healing class have some sort of a UI notification or team health bars in a set position. Many players new to the game are probably a bit overwhelmed with everything going on and have a hard time watching other players’ health.

couldnt agree more, i think they could do a colorchange/soft flash on their life bars. my buddy suggested in another post they input a team life bar in the UI, i think that would be great. maybe on support it could offer some helpful tooltips for the first play of a toon? i dunno that could get obnoxious quick during live play.

yeah this is a big issue of frustration for me; and ive done it. i try and justify it as i need xp and the downtime of target swap means missing assist xp; but the reality of it is i was shootin instead of healing. im frustrated when i do it and something happens, but its infinitely more so when i watch others go beyond that and chase with a miko up to the front lines like theyre a melee with a shield. miko’s self healing isnt even spectacular unless you donate some serious helix points in so i never understood that.

that being said, i think its level 5you can get ’ heals you with poison damage from kunai’ on the left, are you sure your low hp miko wasnt trying to heal himself?

Supporters, yes. Not attackers. Miko suffers terribly in the offensive game. He doesn’t have any skills that really help with his offensive capabilities.

It’s piss poor healing though. Helix 2 has a super heal for Miko.

There’s been something of an influx of new players recently with the sales and Miko is available early. The same thing was happening at launch. Players that aren’t interested in healing will wind up moving on to someone else.

Ive seen this. I wouldn’t say it’s that they are being overtly aggressive. I think they may be new to the character. I think there should be a way to identify what level you are with that character (apart from skins and taunts) so you know what you are working with. Sure, command rank may be 50+, but They literally just picked up the character. At some point I’m going to pick up El Dragon and I’m going to suck at him bad. I’ll get better… Maybe that’s the case with many/most.

i specifically take the ‘symbiosis heals allies around me’ over ‘healing a target while symbioses up heals miko’ because it can aoe heal which is huge, it allows you to stand in the middle of friendly minions and teammates and blast out heals. the downside is you are potentially squishy and you learn to adjust for it. some people choose to roll with vampiric kunai damage to self heal. i prefer neither, choose the aoe damage choice incase my lane clearers go down and simply try not to take damage risks when my symbiosis is down.

as for miko providing nothing for damage, thats not really true. the choice to have your poison damage spread to local targets allows lane clear like i said. by the time you get molecularr mycology at level 5 your base damage makes it pretyt significant, enough that 2 clips can down a pack of minions between overcharge shield. again, thats not the primary design of the character, its just an option.

if its bothering you that much perhaps try a character or playstyle that doesnt require heals anytime you’re in doubt of a miko’s healing and you may pleasantly be surprised some day.

No, I love Miko. I take the AoE heal as well. Just that if a Miko was trying to go for max survivability, it would be best to use the right choice on Helix 2. I run with the poison spread and Miko’s legendary. This allows for some impressive blast heals.

while that more than 100% conflicts what you wrote above, its nice to see that people have similar mind sets about healing.

Sure healers ment to heal and not do damage shouldnt this also apply to tank characters aswell??

But seriously miko is the only true healer and maybe ambra coming second

Alani, rayne are rescuers with high damage potential

Dispite what the character card tells u alani is not a healer she a rescuer with burst single target heal and low heal over time with riptide which require specing into

Rayna gives shields and debuff enemies but also here shield can heal and heal with plasma when spec into

But in all if u play miko u are expected to heal players way more then alani and rayna

So tips if u got a miko in ur team u can play more agressive… if u have rayna or alani u need to be more aware of what ur doing