Healers loadout

Heal power is not the only gear used to boost your heals, skill dmg and attack dmg also boost your heal power.

This is what they boost :

Skill dmg: sunspot
Attack dmg: Ceremonial Sacrifice, Stellar Ritual

Skill dmg: riptide, geyser, wellspring
Attack dmg: -

Skill dmg: biosynthesis (self heal and area of heal), fungus among us
Attack dmg: mikollopria

Skill dmg: vital peotocol (only)
Attack dmg:-
Her legendary is only boosted by heal power

Kid ultra
Skill dmg: support drone, to the rescue
Attack dmg:-

Skill dmg: rift shield healed
Attack dmg:-
Neither skill damage or attack damage boost his healing chair.

I hope this is usefull for anyone starting the hard job of keep youe team alive.


Gonna stick with movement speed + heal power, sprint speed + heal power and Symbiotic Spores for Miko.

add more to his heal and poison damage with only a small drop in movement speed

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I use the solar sustainer, attack power+hp-shield, skill dmg+hp-shield and use left lvl 2.

I can deal some dmg and heal.

Wait… Skill damage increases Miko’s Biosynthesis and Mushroom heals?
I had no idea… That will certainly change the way I gear it from now on.

And Alani’s Wellspring is also effected by skill damage? Is it also effected by heal power? Or just Skill damage?

Well spring increase with heal power and skill dmg. You can use heal power 14+7 and skill dmg 9+5 for 35% extra heals from geyser/riptide and wellspring.

Edit: add any second stat wity heal power for extra 7% or attack speed or health recive for better self healing.

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Whoo! Thanks for confirming that. I’ve been operating off of the hope of that working out but never really knew. Symbiotic Gauntlet let’s me keep Sunspots up from weak DPS enemies for days


Solar sustainer and symbiotic gauntlet works wonder to keep your sunspots alive.

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