Healing drone dominance

So I accidentally noticed that killing a dominated enemy permanently attach its healing drone on Fl4k

I have no idea if it is really healing you but that s fairly comical

I wonder if that works with buddy system now that ll be hilarious :rofl:


They definitely heal you. On Gehenna, any character can use the Traitorweed to get this same effect, though it’s trickier because often the healing drone will pick up another enemy. Good to know that it’s pretty reliable with FL4K… I left my research on this topic off with that post.

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Emergency patch incoming in 3… 2…

How do you want to kill the enemy? :thinking: :grin:

yeah that is the only reason that is not possible :rofl:

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If there is no enemy on the map they do this. I one time had 2 of 'em healing me. Didn’t need it but it was neat.

Could use a sigularity and drop them off a cliff…?

Hmm maybe this would work :exploding_head: :rofl:

Very interesting. So the healing drone gets confused as to which side it is on and it actually helps Fl4k? Hmmm, sounds like a feature to me, not a bug. LOL

I used to do this to Surveyors in BL2 with Thoughtlock. If my health was low, between this and Elated, my health bar would zip up super fast.

Seriously though… what happens if you knock an enemy with an invincible drone off a cliff? I imagine it would seek another available enemy, and this is transition is usually where I catch the regular healing drones. :thinking: