"Healing Received" Gear

Probably a stupid question but I have to ask. Does gear that boosts healing received and gear that boosts healing power both work when active in the same loadout?

For instance, if I have those two things active on Miko, would they both increase how much Miko heals himself or is there something I’m missing?

Basically, does “healing received” gear increase your own self healing or only when it comes from an external source?


Healing Received applies to all lifesteal and heals YOU receive, regardless of source, including Boldur’s ultimate regeneration.


I would say - yes it works.

Unless I’m mistaken on Thorn who pumps her own health it does increase that rate but on Mike it would increase when he is helped by a healer source.

Okay, cool. Thanks!

Just to clarify this, healing received does not appear to help lifesteal at all, at least not by the brief tests I’ve done. You boost lifesteal by boosting the relevant damage type.

Hm, this is something I always wondered about. I thought healing received would help self healers and lifesteal but I guess not. I don’t notice a difference and stopped using these gear types.

It’s not a stupid question btw @jerms85 because I’ve seen this question a lot but the answers are always different and contradict each other.

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Hopefully it at least boosts health regeneration?

Health regen would be a lot harder to test, but I’d guess that it probably doesn’t. Regen doesn’t count as healing given in the score board.

It should be easy to test self-heals though, or at least it would if most of the characters that can do so didn’t have natural health regen. I’m almost 100% certain that, for example, healing received helps boost the healing Ambra gets from her own sunspots, but things like Miko’s Biosynthesis are more difficult to test since Miko naturally regenerates, so the numbers are harder to track.

For the curious, my test on lifesteal was done as an Attikus in private story, punching turrets and seeing if there is a difference from the Brawler’s Boon lifesteal when you get a 12% heal received boost item. It still only healed 12-13 per punch regardless, and I ought to have seen a bump of at least one point on the average if you do the math. Since the numbers we’re dealing with are so small, though, there’s always some room for error.

Edit: I don’t have time right this second to do more tests, but I can do so later tonight. Gives me an excuse to run through Renegade over and over for legendaries.

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Okay, thanks cause I really can’t tell either way and would prefer not to waste a slot if it doesn’t do anything.

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Alright, did a quick test when it comes to regen. I took Whiskey Foxtrot and took his “Killer Regen” helix, which gives him 220 regen after he scores a kill. After letting some turrets beat on me for a while, I then isolated two thrall gunners, killed one without any gear, waited to see the total healing, then did it again with a piece of healing received gear.

The first regen healed for a total of 220, the second healed for 221. Given that a 12% healing received increase (what I had for the second kill) should have boosted that healing by around 24 and not just 1, I assume that’s just a rounding quirk. The verdict is that healing received has no effect on either regen or lifesteal.

I might do a test later to see what, if any, stats affect shield restoration (such as by Kleese’s rifts) but that will be for another day.


Damn, that stinks. Thanks for testing it out!