Healing reducing gear. What do you think?

I briefly mentioned this in a steam thread and since there’s a minor issue with supports going on I figure now is the best time to bring this up.

Since people have a problem with supports (specifically 2 supports) making certain defenders almost unkillable, how about we have gear that lets us reduce healing on people we attack? It would pretty much work the same as some other gear where it’ll last like 3-5 seconds and maybe go up to 14% like how healing received gear only goes up to 14% minus the ones that have additional healing received based on faction type (for example LLC gear having additional healing received when shield is gone). I’m not entirely sure if this is true but 14% is the highest I’ve seen. So basically the best healing reducing gear will negate the best healing received gear in the game. It would also show up as a secondary stat too so you can stack it if you wanted to.

I was actually thinking about this last night. I love the idea.

Anti healing and better cc reduction/immunity need to happen imo.

Galilea has a weaken mechanic on her first two levels’ right helix: “calamity” (which might not work atm) and “mark of the feeble”. They both prevent healing for 5 seconds after using them. Imo there’s no need for anti healing gear but maybe more skills that weaken.

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I think certain powers should have innate healing reduction and cc escape utility.

For example, Orendi’s nulify could be a cc cancel and the fire walk with me augment could cause healing reduction from coming in contact with flames.

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If by weaken you mean lowering attack damage I don’t think Galilea does that. As far as I know only Deande, Attikus and El Dragon have weaken effects (could be wrong), there’s also a legendary I have that does that too. Obviously negating healing entirely should be a character exclusive thing, if not exclusive only to Galilea. But having gear that reduces healing to people you attack would help with dealing with aggressive teams with 2 supports.

Can confirm Calamity works right now its the Silence and heal that can be bugged at times.