Healing suggestion: don't consume osmosis on healthy heroes

I guess we can all agree that healing a specific target can be difficult if there are many teammates in the line of sight. It’s even worse if one mate is close to dying, you try to heal them but it hits the 100% healthy player instead - and you lose all osmosis stacks.

My suggestion: only consume as much osmosis orbs as much healing was done. Healing 100% healthy player should not make all three orbs go to waste. This will allow Alani re-apply the healing to proper player once she misses and hits healthy target by mistake.

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If it weren’t for some players always stepping into my line of fire/Osmosis…

Wish that game had friendly fire on. That would end those careless approaches,.,

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:o Just wondering, we would also want them to make sure to only apply the damage buff or damage reduction to players who end up using up the entire stored up heals correct? Other wise we would be able to run around and hit all the 100% hp allies with a 30% damage reduction every few seconds.

Ah-- I completely forgot that it doesn’t just apply healing. I need to revise my suggestion then.