Health and shield regen values on HUD, or add a Stats Page

So one of my favorite additions to Battleborn in a later patch was the addition of Health and Shield Regen per second values to your health and shield bars. This made is very clear just how much per second we where getting with Gear and Heliex augments.
I was hoping we could get something like that for Borderlands 3 or maybe a stats page that takes in to account level, gear, skills and any currently active skills when paused. This would add a ton of quality of life for the min max players. It would also help to get a clear idea of how stats stack up with one another.
Knowing how much more health per second I’m getting when I increase my maximum HP would be amazing. I don’t think the game needs it per say but i feel like it would be a welcome addition!

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I will admit that I am always a fan of seeing the numbers while I taste the violence.

Seeing how much I can regen a second on health and shields, even if it’s something you can turn on and off optionally from the menu, would actually be a nice little quality of life thing as you say. My guess is that if it isn’t already implemented somewhere, which I don’t believe it is, then they MIGHT do something like that if the demand is high enough after the game has been out a few months.


Now that I think about it I am pretty sure it was something you could toggle in Battleborn just like overhead damage numbers in both Borderlands and Battleborn.

I’d be happy with a decent stat listing. More info can help focus on building up desired stats.

It would also help knowing cases where percentage based buffs are stacked or multiplicative. One case I can think of is the Siren in BL2 with cooldown rate. By end game at level 80 stacking CDR on your relic, COM and the skill barely cuts down a second for 30% CDR. Obviously a min max player would time the skill both with an without. If we had a stats page we could see that the 30% is not stacking.