Health bar stuck at almost half

Sorry if its been posted before. Im having a problem with my health bar staying at almost 50%. This is after I tried using a vending machine to refill my health. Resetting the game and hard resetting my console did nothing. Ive tried using the vending machines again but it says my health is full. Also have tried switching up my gear and taking it off completely.

What Vault hunter You’re playing? If it’s Moze, she has skill that “reserves” her health and will add that reserved amount as shield.

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Yep, its Moze. Ill check it out when I get home, and try to respec and see if that fixes it.

Tried to respec, still a standing issue. Thanks for the suggestion anyways. I even unequipped all my gear. Bummer. Really makes it easy to die once my shield breaks.

I have the same problem, it may be a bug? I don’t know yet. Re-speced , unequiped everything and it still wont let me regain the full bar of health. Sorry for no answers, hoping for a solution as well.

I dont know how, but mine is back to normal. I rebooted the game after a hotfix a few days ago and it seemed to fix it.

I’ve had this issue since the first patch…It’s on my Siren and my health is at like 25% of max.