Health focused shields?

I been leveling up Amara and have started to realize that many of her survival abilities are focused around health and lifesteal when shooting and using AS etc…which IMO creates a weird counterproductive issue with most shields. If my shield is up (and I’m full health) these skills are doing nothing for me. I find myself “saving” my AS for when my shield breaks so that the lifesteal effect isn’t going to waste because many times I use my AS for damage then my shield gets depleted and I lost out on my chance to gain lifesteal at the right time. This seems very counterproductive.

So with all that being said can anyone suggest any shields that are maybe low/no capacity but give lots of health or maybe some other thing that more directly interacts with or synergizes with health rather than shields?

I’m aware of the rough rider shield (don’t have one) but I’m not sure if there are other legendary shields or even non-legendary shields that I could be looking out for? I know I have seen a couple regular shields that have lower capacity but give like +10% health but I haven’t seen too many so not sure if there are better versions of that or other similar type shields out there.

I think maybe the last stand type artifacts that give invulnerability when health hits 50% might also be a good synergy for her skills and a shield that boosts health massively if I can find one.

mendel’s multivitamin gives 50% more hp and 5% hp regen when shield is charged you can get that from the quest on athena.

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Right! I forgot about that one. I actually got one of those on my first playthrough of Fl4k. I may have to go back for that on my Amara once I hit 50. Thanks for the suggestion.

Find a rough rider. All HP, no shield and you get innate damage reduction.

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I would say for Amara, especially brawler builds, a shield with a long shield delay. There are several melee/roid shields that work for it. Unfortunately the Gaurdian perks/bonuses do screw that up though due to the different shield perks that make it impossible to keep your shield down.

Also there is a Moxxi shield from a main mission (that gives healgasms) that some of my brawler Amara friends swear by for increased survivability.

I would recommend that in BL2. However in 3 that shield is bugged and registers as partially full for any shield-related skills, and there are several threads about it. So it doesn’t work right for them. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.