Health Gate: does it still exist?

So the more I play late game BL3, the more I find myself hitting situations where I enter FFYL when I thought I should have been health gated. At first, I was chalking them up to just taking multiple instances of damage simultaneously negating the health gate. But with some more recent cases (particularly concerning hollow point), I’m beginning to wonder if the health gate mechanic even still exists in BL3.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly fine if it doesn’t exist. Imho it was a bandaid fix for balancing issues that ended up being a really unhealthy mechanic as it forced any build to exist around health gating. But I’m just so used to it, I build around it even now that I’m not sure it exists.

If it doesn’t exist, it also makes Moze’s shield of retribution tree (particularly “Thin Red Line” and the Front Loader shield) make a lot more sense.

I did a bunch of searching, but nowhere could I find any sort of gearbox statement regarding Health Gating. If it “does” exist, that means there’s a different issue we could be looking into, like friendly fire /self damage bypassing health gate.

Would it be possible to get some sort of official response regarding if the health gate mechanic still exists?

My friends and I just started True Vault mode and have noticed the same thing. So far I haven’t found evidence of health gating in this. Also been trying to find some confirmation on this in case I’m just having multiple instances of bad luck. I’m happy that it seems to be gone though for the same reasons you mentioned. It always felt like endgame BL2 content required you build around the health gate and I hated that specific aspect. Even if it is there for BL3 though, it’s definitely not the same as it used to be and that’s great.