Health Glitch Can't Get Full Health

Suddenly while playing today, a glitch with my health occured. My health bar is at about 1/3 health but every time I try to collect health, says I am full health. I quit the game and restarted, restarted my PS4 and still the same. I leveled up and same thing, although it does say I have more health than it did before I leveled up.

I’m playing Moze level 27 but I have no points in Thin Red Line skill.

The screen shot is from me trying to buy health from Dr. Zed. You can see my health bar is down but says full health when I try to purchase health.

I don’t wan5 to face off with the Warden in Anvil for fear that my health really is low.!


What shield? If its the Front Loader it still reserves 60%.

It is a front loader. I didn’t notice the health drop when I first put it on. That explains it. Thanks.