Health hating question

From what I understand about health gating is that I can’t be downed in a single shot if I am over 50 health (right?)

So i’m wondering why Boom is able to drop me from full health in one shot. Does the cannon fire 2 projectiles?

No, you have an extremely short period of time after health gate activates that you don’t take damage. However, this only works if you are health gated.

Also, the turret gun fires two shots every time, one a split second after the other. But you shouldn’t be getting hit by the turret at all because you can “hide” in plain sight. (There’s a spot near the funnel where all the shots will hit a low wall while you blast the turret with your corrosive weapon of choice…)

Yah two projectiles. But I think explosive weapons bypass the health gate too because of their initial damage and then the explosive bonus count as two hits. Heavy nomads for example can one shot me with their rocket launchers on OP8.

If I had a legendary for every time I’ve encountered Heavy Nomads dual–wielding rocket launchers (including the odd Norfleet :open_mouth: ), my main character would be completely decked out in orange…

I detest those heavy nomads and those Goliath blasters. Loathe 'em with a passion.

What I want to know is, where are my chain-gun and flame-thrower, eh? I mean, if those guys can have them, why can’t I?!

Yup. It’s ballsack trying to run through Sawtooth Cauldron on OP8 when you’re confronted with dual wielding rocket heavies every 3 steps.

Haha not got as far as sawtooth cauldron on OP8 yet. I just started my play through and found it weird that boom downed me from full health. Then claptrap glitched on flints ship and I had to do it again and he downed me in one again. Bewm acted as a nice second wind each time though haha.