Health regen of 60!

Is this a bug?
Just hit a rate of +60 in a Bots Battle and my cheap health regen gear disabled itself.

What gear and Helix choices were you using?

HP Regen of 60 doesn’t seem impossible with the right helixes and gear active. Also there is gear that makes other characters grant you HP Regen (Song of Vigor I believe is the name).

I know of 7 at level one… and another seven at 7 or so, adds 7 if close to allied BB.

Also don’t forget that being close to supply stations will be Displayed as “Health Regeneration” so that might be part of it.

Just using the cheapest health regen, once again forgot to check what gear others were using but that’s a good point.
Yes I was using every helix aimed at health.

Cheap HP regen plus Kelvins natural regen and helix’s only gets you 35 per second.

Either bug or unknown factors.

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Maybe they changed how group think worked

Groupies would heal each other :smile:

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Probably Groupthink and I believe Song of Vigor on perhaps multiple people. The health regen gear disabling sounds like a glitch though

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So group think gives heals to the others now, that’s awesome

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I don’t think that’s the case but I never pick group think so I can’t be sure. The lvl 7 mutation is better.