Health regen stacking with all my bffs?

Has anyone tried this? With rough riders or multivitamin might be decent. Idk exactly how it would work but grab 4 flaks have everyone run green tree

that would be really cool, i’m not usually running co-op, but i’d love to know the results if someone tries this out

I think it can do with just 3 fl4ks; 2 if the coms max AMBFFs

I have a fl4k decked to the teeth with healing that can carry groups through m4 slaughter star so I doubt anything could kill them.

I have another, related question.

Has anyone ever tested whether terror health regen anointments stack with All My BFF’s? In some of my playtesting (not at the dummy and not on video or anything, I did not keep numbers), it appeared to me that when I stacked terror on myself to regen heath through anointments, the terror health regen was not shared with my pet through All My BFFs.

Anyone else played with this or tested it?

I concur with this statement; terror regen is treated differently; with moze and a bloodletter it still only regens health - not shield like it should. I also had the same experience through pets regen


Thanks for the reply. I was testing this a while back and had SRS, TTAR, and All My BFFs maxed out AND was also using terror health regen and my pet just kept going down anyway. Seemed improbable to me that it could be the case that All My BFFs was working in conjunction with terror health regen, because terror health regen is far more powerful than SRS and TTAR combined (probably double or more).

Its honestly the 1 thing that kept me from going to full terror build; after using knifedrain with a facepuncher and seeing my health fill in 1 shot that was the kicker; still searching for way to make horned skag more tanky but until then the scorcher is pretty tough as is with added regen
When i was testing i sent the pet into the anvil, the scorcher had absolutely no issue tanking a mob with 2 militants, a tink, rocket and random trash - swapped in skag and it barely lasted a minute, could visibly see no effect with/without terror regen in regards to pets healthbar

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I haven’t played with the heath regen mechanics that are not related to skills or anointments. I have always felt like the Knife Drain / Facepuncher thing was pretty much akin to the old Storm Front / Grog mechanic from BL2. Just not a big fan.

But once the new anointments came out with the Takedown, I abandoned terror mechanics for health regen and just went for straight damage on my gear and anointments, instead of trying to make Fl4k more tanky. Because he is not really.