Health Regeneration vs Healing Received

Why is Healing Received so bad?

Would u rather regen 14 health/s or increase, for instance, miko’s beam on you from 52 to 59.

Its a marginal increase, and only when he/she/it is healing you.

But wait, there is more. Healing received increases the heals of a level 10 Miko Fungus Among us from 150 to 171. Ok, in this VERY SPECIFIC cenario Healing received gear wins. While health regen wins in any other cenario. period. Because it heals you all the time.

The same gear would increase KU’s Drone heal output from 61/s to 69/s. Its a 8 heal/s increase.

We can continue analyzing, but the point is: if you are using healing received gear you are hindering yourself.

What should Gearbox do?


They should keep it where it is.

put both healing received and health regen on a tank, backed by a competent healer, and you’ll be getting all your health back in seconds.

I don’t know. as a secundary status (considering you already have health regen gear) I would trade healing received for demage reduction any time, any match, any situation.

You spend more time taking bullets/cuts/punches than being healed.

Damage Reduction is only truly useful at above 3333 health, according to Kitru and some other data though.

Healing Recieved if you know you have a pocket healer. Take Healing Received, Damage Reduction, and Max Health on Montana.

Healing Received also adds onto Life Steal, where health region doesn’t. If you play a life stealing BB, the extra boost in melee can keep you going longer than simple regen, since it’s damage-based.

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Healing received gear is extremely noticeable if you got an alani healing you.

I’d never thought about this before, but you’re right. Only other benefit would be when receiving burst heals (reyna, alani, KU ult) which may outweigh regen, depending how often it is applied.

I thought it was confirmed multiple times that only attack/skill damage affects lifesteal (whatever has the lifesteal effect).

More damage = more health that comes back to you.

Healing Recieved should affect lifesteal, but it doesn’t.

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It’s only really good for KU’s Ult and Alani’s healing/ Reyna’s healing doesn’t get the best boost to it with healing received, and health regen will heal you more than the boost to her healing will. It’s only real use is with Alani. Since she only needs to use basic attacks to get osmosis, or wait until she gets the helix options for gaining osmosis through her skills, to be an effective healer. While KU has to wait for his Ult, which doesn’t have a long cooldown, but you could still die before he gets to level 5 or while it’s on cooldown.

Healing received is very situational and health regen tends to be a better pick.

I wonder if healing received will get a buffet to put it more in line with the new regen levels. I assume it beat the old regen rate with any healer?

Edit: should have said buffed

No no, buffet sounds good, I enjoy my gear getting buffets, it makes them work harder so they can burn off the calories.

And I hope they get a buff, right now they’re only useful with Alani or KU’s Ult. And no gear should be only viable when paired with only one or two characters. Even Lore Gear can be used with other characters, just not the special effect. But they all still benefit from the skill damage boost or the health boost. If the gear is almost useless compared to another piece of gear any almost any situation, you know that gear needs a buff. Health Regen should be a piece of gear best suited for PvE or in a PvP game without a healer. If you have a Miko, a dedicated healer, on your team, healing received gear should be the better option but currently, it isn’t.

It should be like health boost and damage reduction gear. Both are useful but used for different situations. When your character has a low amount of health, health boost is a good choice, while damage reduction is barely noticeable. But on characters like Montana and Kelvin. Damage reduction is the better option since those two start with high health and only get more as the game goes on, so you don’t need more health when you are able to take more hits than that health boost could make up for. Both are situational but both are situational for a different reason than health regen and healing received. Health regen is viable on every character no matter what, while healing received only really works when you’re Alani or KU, or if they are on the same team as you.

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That’s the logic I’ve been going with, until the numbers were pointed out to me: not gonna be near a healer; take regen. Being pocketed; take HR. More fool me, eh?

Def needs buffet. Though maybe CC gear should get the smorgasbord treatment first?



I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Video games in general seem to always come down to stacking damage and damage reduction. I’ve always wondered if it’s a coding issue or pressure from the community to keep things simple…

You guys have it all wrong.

Healing received is for the “healers” themselves. Amp their heal power up considerably and they can never die. The people whining for heals will get theirs, but you gotta do you first.


This is only true if you can guarantee that you’ll be back to max health by the start of every engagement.

So say I have 3000 health and since that is less than 3333, I opt for max health instead of DR and now have 3280 health.

I get in a fight and win it with 1500 health left. And before the next fight my health regen and healer get me up to 2900 health. This effectively makes the max HP gear basically 95% useless for this fight because I never “over healed” above 3000 health, make DR waaay better as it will be active until I die.

Plus other factors such as DR buffes physical shields too.

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