Health Reserve 100%+ - What happens?

I’ve played a bunch of Blast Master Moze, which I like, but I’m considering trying out a Bloodletter build just to try something different. My questions are about how the health-reserving mechanics function.

  1. suppose I equip a Bloodletter with +2 Thin Red Line. If I then equip a Front Loader shield, the skill and the shield’s health reserved are 40% and 60%. Does this mean insta-death because it subtracts 100% health? Does it reduce you to 1 HP, and you live as long as your shield isn’t broken? Or do these stack multiplicatively so that you end up with 24% of original max health? Or does some other thing happen, and if so, what?

  2. Does the Deathless artifact + any additional health-reserving effect insta-kill you? If not, does Deathless cancel the effects of other health reserving/shield buffing skills or items, so that e.g. points in Thin Red Line have no effect because you stay at 1 HP and therefore add 0 to shield capacity?

Thanks for help with these questions.

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You can not drop below 1 hp no matter how much you reserve. You can’t die just by reserving health, your health will be 1hp.

I am currently walking around with 52k Shield and 1hp unbuffed.

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You can reserve more health than you have. Level 6 thin red line will give you 120% of your health as shields. Throwing on a deathless artifact will give you even more and you’ll still be able to walk around just fine with a single hit point remaining.

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deathless does not cancel and neither does any other effect that reserves health i have over 100% of my health reserved and i have 1 hp and 50k shield without buffs

Glad to hear that. Been wanting to try a SoR build and now I’ve got a better idea of what gear to keep for it. Thanks for the help.

Yeah, it’s nice. Even without Bloodletter or a Hex grenade, my gun damage is through the roof with an epic low-life com with +3 desperate measures and +2 thin red line. I take out even the heavy badasses fairly easily on Mayhem 2. One I get some more survivability, Mayhem 3 will be easy.