+health shields: how many are there?

I’m aware of these:

Mendel’s Multivitamin Shield: +50% health
Rough Rider: +35% health

I’m also aware of a couple others that give more minor 10%ish health boost. Are there any other shields that substantially boost health like Rough Rider or Mendel’s or are they the only ones?

The Band of Sitorak comes with a +25% health bonus which can increase if you get Health parts.

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You can roll a shield with triple health boost. I have sitorak with double health. It’s 25%+10% .

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Awesome. Thanks for reminding me. I forgot about that one. Sadly, I only have one of those and it’s a Phasegrasp anointment but maybe it will work well enough anyway.

If you are xbox and interested in my double health roll sitorak just let me know. GT whatevercb

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Thanks for the offer but I’m on PC. That double health sounds good but maybe I can farm one.

Uhg. I guess this is another one of those obnoxious bosses that doesn’t like to drop anything…ever. Why is every item I want to actually farm the worst thing to farm? lol. Just went through this with Billy the Anointed. Unstoppable seems to be the same thing…never drops anything let alone Band of Sitorak…let alone one with good rolls. Blech.

I might be interested. What would you want for it and is it anointed?

Not anointed but works very well.

Unstoppable is worse than Billy. Have killed him like 20 times and he only has dropped a single legendary and it was a Malak’s Bane…not a Sitorak shield. RNG gods hate me.


Damn you GB and your no anointment BS!

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Thank you, but I need an ASE anointed one. I could check it out i guess…