Health vials: how do they work?

So the health vials that you find in containers and get in vending machines just say “quickly regenerates some health”. What I want to know is how do they determine the value? I assume it heals a % of your health over time as opposed to a set number but not sure. Does anyone know the math?

There are actually different kinds between and in the games.

Scroll a little down:

The “Insta health vials” should be 25%.

Those are from Borderlands 1. Are those values even the same? I mean it still references different color vials from B1 so not sure if that is even accurate. It doesn’t seem the B3 part of the wiki is really developed yet.

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If you scroll further down there is a section for BL2 and 3. I would guess 2 and 3 are the same because BL1 is the only one so far that has the storable health items.