Healthbars on hud?


I main healer/support. I’m finding it REALLY hard to be a good healer, as I can’t work out how to get everyones health bars in one place on my screen. You know, top left, like in smite or pvz etc. Is this not an option? It’s impossible to keep track of everyones health, and stay alive when I have to keep spinning round and round to see who needs help. Surely it isn’t meant to be like this, and I just can’t find the right setting. Because if it is, I’m not sure I want to get battleborn anymore. Thankyou.


bumping in the hope someone knows.

Wow…how has no one replied to this??? I was making my own thread and this one popped up. This is extremely necessary even if you are not a healer/support. As I saw in the open beta not many people use their mics (XB1)…it’s a team oriented MP game ppl…as this is the way of things, having an onscreen indicator would make for better team awareness.

At least add an option to the game so we can toggle this on off, scaling slider would be great too. Upper left of screen would be a decent spot to place this.

+1 this idea.

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I agree. Was a thread before this too: Suggestion: Add party health bars to UI

I would love to be able to see my teams health, I kept looking around the screen for any notification of health.

Definite +1 on this, must have.

I saw an earlier photo with team mate health bars.

Maybe they decided against it? Could have been for split screens sake I suppose