Healthy Queue Ideas

Hey devs, long time player, on PS4, here. ShadeWolf19.

I have a suggestion, for the queues.
If at all possible, could you try to put the MOBA game modes(Incursion, Meltdown, Supercharge) in 1 queue and make Supercharge a 5v5?
We can call this queue Battle Queue, Arena Queue, MOBA queue, or fitting with the Battleborn theme Gladiator Pit(in reference to Caldarius and Attikus’ lore).
It’d be a 5v5 queue, with all the MOBA game modes. This could definitely even draw in a bigger audience, from the MOBA side of gaming.

“That sounds nice, but what about everyone else”, you ask?

Battle Queue!
All the other game modes that focus more on confrontational skirmishes(Capture, Face Off, Party Queue of the week) will go here.
With this system, every player gets what they want.

You won’t have just incursion. When you don’t feel like playing the MOBA games and are looking for more, faster, chaotic fun, jump on the Battle Queue.

Also, Vs Draft Weekends.

It’s not splitting the queues/community, too much because it’ll be a constant queue rotation, between players.

How does this sound?
If anyone could tag a member of Gearbox, for this, I’d appreciate it.
Also, players give your thoughts, too.


Honestly I feel like super charged wouldn’t be balanced as a 5v5. That game mode (though it was somewhat fun) just ruined the queues. It forced a 3v3 que that was taking up space for something that could have been better, like a draft que or a solo/duo.

They just need to do away with it imo


I agree. Is near posible to find a 3v3…

Edit: well not true… It just take to long for ps4 standards, normal queue takes 2-5 mind


I think Supercharge would be great 5v5.

There’s so much to do, in this mode and so many things to focus on.
2-3 can hold the point, to power up your minions
1-2 can clear/push your opponent’s/your respective waves.

The first time I played, I carried my team to a victory just because I was the only one pushing a wave, while all 3 opponents and my 2 teammates fought over the point.

There’s just too much to do/focus on, for just 3 players.
The map isn’t even that small, as well.

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Also, mini match was a mistake.
Gearbox, plz just cut your losses.

3v3 capture, with 3 capture points? What were you thinking?


Let me explain you super charge.

You need one carry: will kill minions only, usually a character who at high lvls becomes a monster.
One builder/jungler: will collect shards and build/destrot. Fast character.
One guard: will join a fight to defend any of the other two or take control of the point. Self sustain or way to mitigate.

If you add other 2 once 1 team gets control there wont be a comeback. Why you ask? The size of the map.

This is the same reson why capture became a 3v3. Of the enemy wants to keep the points 1 of em needs to guard and requires a lot of reposition instead of just camp the spawn area.

Supercharge in a 5v5 will end in a spawn camp with no come back just like happens in capture.

This modes punish you hard if you lose a lot of team fights…

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Incursion and meltdown in 3v3 feels so bad… lot to do for just 3 ppl.

I have not played face off in 3v3 but in theory with area and amount of points to collect mask seems like the best idea.

If any they should change queues and remove meltdown and incursion for 3v3 and leave supercharge, capture and face off as in my opinion they feel more balanced and more fun in 3v3.

One last thing, they need to undo meltdown.

Meltdown finale or how i like to call it: parade of shame should be reverted or maybe adapted.

Only the finale happens when both teams are close to wining other wise let the losing team have other 10 minutes to try to catch up, if they do triger the finale in an overtime fashion getting faster and stronger superbots, the game ends when 1 team score other wise is unlimited, if they cant catch up end the game normaly.


Agreed; i miss OG Meltdown SO much…


The Supercharge map consists of 2 bases and 2 lanes, the latter each with 1 grinder, 1 Accelerator, and 1 Thumper Turret, for each team. Between those lanes there is a jungle, with 4 Shard Clusters infront of each base and a central Capture point, for the Supercharge.

The main goal in this mode is to guide more minions through your grinders, than your opponents’. Additionaly, there is a Giant Minion spawn, which advances through one lane and helps pushing the lane and a higher value, for minions.

You’d, ideally, want each lane to have 1 Battleborn who is able to waveclear, efficiently. Pushers and the Skirmishers are capable of doing so.

Your lane partner should be someone who aids with early waveclearing issues, but more importantly pokes and sets up kills for your lane. Many Assassins can do this, Pushers and Tanks are a safer option and usually more CC focused, while others provide extra poke for a kill lane.

Assassins can be paired with a Battleborn that is able to farm, push and sustain a lane on their own, making room for more and earlier rotations to aid your other teammates.

Split Pushing is an aspect that can get you ahead later on. This of course requires your other three teammates to hold off one lane in a 5v4 situation while 1 person pushes the other lane.

Picking someone with sustain and/or who is able to stay in lane & survive teamfights for longer might just give you an edge from early on and allows you to push. Bonus points of course for Battleborn who can provide health to their entire team.

A god? Mana? Oky…?

I swear I remember a dev saying on these forums that if the new Meltdown wasn’t received well they would revert it back… but honestly I’m lazy and just woke up so I won’t be digging through the old threads for that.


Yeah… I remember that too…

We were young then, and full of youthful optimism…


The way they described it, I thought Finale would only trigger, when the score was close or time ran out.

Sorry, might be my processing issues, but I don’t understand what your reply has to do with my post?

sadly, the pc guys found out the supercharge pad doesnt matter in sc. likewise, waveclear doesnt matter… why? the shard barrels will clear a wave for you. and a shepherd and two minions is easy enough for a defender to kill. hence, optimal team comp is two defenders and maybe a miko. the map is small enough and respawn short enough youll be fine with three defenders though.
big bot is heavily contested. they are very important.
also, the number of thumpers varies depending on map.

im a fan of making it 5v5/bigger maps regardless. i want to play rehular faceoff again :frowning: at least i get to enjoy regular capture in the league

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I liked the queues as they were before the summer update. I really don’t care for supercharge. The game doesn’t really feel that different from other game modes that already exist. As someone who didn’t really like Incursion, but loves meltdown, it’s frustrating having them both in the same queue. Face off also does not feel balanced as a 3v3 game.


i would support bringing back the queues we had before the su, even though ftp players would suffer in the ‘draft’ queue

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Give Incursion it’s own queue again. It’s all people vote for in quick match and i’m sick of playing it all the damn time.


Any way to play supercharge would be welcome.

3v3 queue is always dead, impossible to play the mode/do the challenges now.

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