Hear my tale of woe?

So I reached Command Rank 100 the other day, and I couldn’t have been more proud. I got a UPR Command pack, and the coveted Legendary box.

So I hurry to open the boxes, going for the UPR box to save the best for last. Inside is the yellow/purple skin for Galilea. Cool, I haven’t played her since the beta, so I’ll use this in the near future.

Then the shiny orange box. It calls to me. I open it. Sell off the miscellaneous extra items… and I look upon my special legendary item.

It’s the Voxis Core.

I scream. Hysterics. My friend doesn’t know what to do. What were the odds that I would get the only disabled legendary in the game?

Honestly, I’m not mad about it. If anything, it’s the rarest item in the game, given its current status. I’m just tickled by it. So… anyone else got any stories like this?


My Voxis Core has perfect stats.

I don’t even know if mine is good or bad. It’s a blackened paper weight in my bank, but I’m okay with it.

But I do feel your pain.

I have two items with the exact same stats except one cost 2 shards less to activate…
RNG for FTW!


It’ll be fine. They’ll be reactivating it eventually. Sorry for the luck for now, though. :sweat_smile:

I’m not salty that it’s deactivated XD I’m amused that I got that item c:

Thats really bad luck! I hope it functions again soon , it was awesome for my Phoebe & Orendi.
I got my Voxis Core about 3 days before it was banned - and I first realised it already on mission. On my very first Advanced mission, Saboteur. Nuuuuhhhhhhh :weary:

So I have heard of this fabled Voxis Core for the past few weeks, but I never knew what it did. Looked it up a little bit ago annnd…that’s underwhelming. Why is it locked? Seems pretty…boring really.

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The one I’ve got reads a little op if applied to some characters

It was over procing. Mainly with thorn. If you hit characters with an AoE it hit all the enemies then it did its passive which hit the enemies another time for 15% (I think this was the stat) for each one of the enemies. Pretty much insta killed minion waves. There are other reason but this is the only one I know of specifically.

Let’s say 50 damage per hit and there’s 5 enemies. That’s each case enemy taking 50 + (5x7.5) 87.5 for each proc so of it procs 5 times. That’s now 427.5 which is a large chunk of player health too. That’s not even counting other abilities, attacks, and the damage boost into the mix.
Don’t get me started on orendi and her pillars.

Also how do you get legendary gear boxes?

Legendary gear box is rewarded for reaching lvl 100, beyond that I don’t think you can get it any other way.

Thank you. I’m sitting at 60 or so since I haven’t played in a bit bc of all the events going on in other games ATM.
I heard people had multiple leg gear boxes though. Maybe they just got it from GB support or something.

Digital deluxe gave 3 legendary loot packs