Heart Size from Broken Heart Event

Anybody running across hearts that are unusually small in the Broken Hearts event? Been running across them regularly in the Voracious Canopy. They still act normally, but are maybe a quarter the size of the standard ones. Hadn’t seen them at that size until today, and I’ve been playing daily.

Just curious in anyone ran across this.

The tiny lizards had tiny hearts for me.

I see them in various sizes… do they grow the longer the enemy is around? I’ve mostly been in the Cistern of Slaughter lately, so haven’t really paid attention. Maybe I’ll save someone carting a heart around for the end of a wave and see what happens.

Are you sure they weren’t just further away?? :wink:

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Nice Dude :joy:

I haven’t noticed small hearts but I got right shook when I started seeing skulls spawning lmao

Got close enough to melee them. Still small.

I might be wrong, but I think they match the size of enemy. I had a big ass one in Cistern yesterday, turns out one of those 4 weird bosses had one. But it was shot pretty quick, so my eyes may have deceived me. Haven’t seen any tiny ones though.

I saved a little Ratch with a heart in the Cistern so I could check it out unimpeded… I think it’s right that the hearts are based on the enemy size - it had a little thing that didn’t change size (where I know I’ve seen larger ones coming off the elemental Jabbers, for example).

Does the size of the hearts change if you get closer to the TV? :joy:

Not seen unusually small, but I had a huge one appear initially in Floodmoor Basin when Indo Tyrant spawned on me. Since I spent most of the ensuing fight glitched inside the monster, I have no idea if the heart stayed large once it started moving around. Fortunately, explosive damage and ricochet can destroy the hearts; it was the one that boosts damage resistance or health (never sure exactly which - red effect on each side of the screen) so I survived the encounter.