Heartbreaker shotgun on Febuary

Is this comming out febuary on pre sequel this gun is the best shotgun in the game says some people but Ive never tried it but I want it in valentines day if it got that much damage like I see on youtube

Never trust youtube content… If anyone has a heartbreaker in TPS, it’s gibbed… so it might be gibbed in other ways.

That said, If they haven’t changed it from BL2, the heartbreaker is a VERY solid shotgun, and definitely worth getting.

No word yet on if it will appear in the game at some point.

That healing is going to be massive on top of the TPS characters already awesome health regen.
It would probably allow you to change your defensive skillset for an offensive one and have the Heartbreaker cover the loss.

It will likely be one of the best weapons for all classes if it stays the same as in bl2.

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IMO, all of the guns from BL2 that are in the files (but not in the game) would be pretty powerful… and I kinda hope they DON’T get released…

We NEEDED moxxi weapons in BL2
In TPS, they have succeeded in making a game where we don’t… so why introduce more of them ?

The Lady fist is stupidly unbalanced for this game.
And the fibber would be the death of build diversity for Nisha.

I wish it would stay that way…

So far, all the guns they added to the game were new and exciting, and some of them are becoming staples for some builds (taser and Party line)
And the new legendary class mods they introduce pull of the very hard “only+4-on-skill-boost-yet-very-desirable” feat.
Hats off.

…And I want to see the Boomacorn first!

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Would not mind the blockhead in this game though.

I never used the Fibber, not even on Gaige. If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me why it would be the death of Nisha build diversity?

I’d venture a guess and say that he is talking about 700% crit damage + Trick shot + Tombstone + multiple pellets = Death to build diversity.

Oh yeah… I forgot that it could have a 700% crit barrel. That makes more sense now. Thanks.

I agree with this, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the bl2 guns return but not moxxi guns, not the lady fist and its stupid 800% crit (tombstone would be even more broken) or the fibber, again broken as all hell with nisha. 2 fibbers with trickshot and unforgiven, no no no.

I hope they never get released.

Maybe they could just tweak some of them and rename them, like they have for others? How about a Little White Lie with a lower crit boost but still some of the other characteristics? Would be nice to see both the Heartbreaker and the Blockhead. No Grog Nozzle, though!

Try the Party line!

This was given out in BL2 for Valentine’s Day, 2013, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get it in TPS.

Yeah, not even thinking about the other weapons in the files, the Heartbreaker is likely to be released on Valentine’s Day.

I’d like to see the Hail…

And it’s Moxxi…

Might be THE Assault Rifle in the game…

I don’t think it would break anything on Wilhelm…not sure on other characters.

The hail on Athena would be on of the best guns for stacking and deadly

Up to 4 stacks per shot not including dots, the high fire rate combined with deep mag. Then take into account the high splash and crit bonus… It would be one of her best guns hands down.

… why? Not sure I understand

That was meant to be 4, either I lost my mind or mobile keyboard did something crazy.

Can it be both?

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Not no Athena as much but a Cryo Hail could be very interesting as well. I just wonder if nisha will be able to use it at all?

No better or worse than Flakker, probably.