Heartbreaker shotgun

Did this gun ever make it into the game in any way or is it only in the coding?

No, it’s not in the game. If you see anyone using one, its not legit.

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yes, this is correct. it’s in the code but not assigned to a drop source. cannot be legitimately acquired.

There are several items in the TPS code with no assigned drops. I can’t remember them all. But the Heartbreaker isn’t the only item with no assigned drop source.

I thought so, what a shame, i bet it would’ve been fantastic on malestrom athena.

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If you are on PC it might be incoming to the Unofficial Community Patch in the near future.


I love the Heartbreaker from my BL2 days but it would be game-breaking on Athena (I’ve always argued against it’s release in TPS because of this). Have you tried using the Hail? It will absolutely melt bosses in seconds but it at least takes a little bit of skill or learning to use effectively. The Heartbreaker would make the Hail a distant second best option and that’s a scary thought.

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