Hearts will not pawn /broken hearts event /bl3/xbox1s

no hearts spawning in broken heart event bl3 on xbox1s

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Make sure you have the latest update ( and wait for the hotfix applied sign at the main menu. You’ll also notice that there’s an ‘Enable|Disable event’ menu item - make sure this shows ‘Disable’. Once in session, check that the event and challenge progress are available on the right-most tab in your echo. You may need to do a power reset to clear cached data if you’re not seeing any of the above.

Once in game, note that only vanilla game areas are eligible for the hearts, and that they don’t always appear immediately with the first enemies. There is an RNG component to them, and they seem to be more likely to spawn the more higher tier enemies you have.

If after all that it’s still not working, you’ll want to file a support ticket to see if they have any other suggestions.

Next time there is an event like this, have a different way of toggling the DLC… it is not illogical to expect to see something that needs to be enabled to say “enabled”…maybe I’m an idiot…I understand the logic now; however, I can’t be the only one thrown off by this…

It says “Disable Broken Hearts Day” or “Enable Broken Hearts Day”, at least on XB1. The event is enabled by default. Are you seeing something different?