Heaviest DPS Build for Axton and UCP 2.1

I’ve been over this pretty thoroughly and I think this build is it…I don’t think you can get greater Burst DPS FASTER on Axton with any other combo…well gunwise anyway…there is always Chucking!!


Blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger with passives of Mag size +54% and Fire Rate of +35%, with +6 to Ranger and +5 to Impact is what puts it over the top. It does a 22% boost to Gun Damage, Critical hit damage, Fire rate, Reload, Mag size, Accuracy, and Health!! I mean…IT’S REALLY GOOD!

It may not be Zer0’s burst DPS…but it’s pretty darn good. Downside is that it’s a tad less survivable…Better play “The best defense is a GREAT offense!”

But hey…I’m usually wrong so fire away…comments welcome…enlighten me…


Yeah, Axton is really capable of some excellent DPS (not really burst DPS though) with most guns after the UCP. That is largely courtesy of the additional Critical Damage has has, which he was lacking previously.

I believe the CE Ranger would be a superior option to the CN ranger (unless you are using guns with inherent crit). In a critical hit build, splash damage from Steady is generally less significant. You will have less turret in this build compared to the LS or LE so some points in Expertise is pretty important. I recommend this build instead:


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John, what about the Legendary Ranger?
The kill skills at 10/5 are amazing, and it boosts Ranger too.

The Ranger COM should give more sustained DPS, but I dont know if is the case when the kill skills are up.

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I like your thoughts but I always believed that Critical hit is LESS important on Axton as his best weapons (explosive) cannot crit with the splash anyway.

And the extra mag size from Chaotic Neutral will outpace total DPS damage achieved in a short period because of far less reloading.

So…faster and longer with explosive weapons (for the most part) outpaces faster and critical hit with explosive/grenade damage guns.

At least that’s what I thought…

And take a re-look at Crisis Management now…with the new patch…he has added Damage Reduction and it is damage reduction when you need it most (without a shield). And it’s very noticeable now…especially in a fight like the Dragons. But you may be right on Able…I just think it doesn’t do much for the points invested.

Legendary Ranger should be much better…you are correct and it’s worth some testing. Thanks!

What I specifically like about it is the Team Passives and if you can get a Coop partner to run it as well…the boost to shields starts to get fabulous!!

And with a 20% boost from 7 different skills…and all the kill skill boosts…and Quick Charge being one of those skills.

run a BIG shield like a Turtle or Hoplite, or Blockade and…WOW!

Good point about CM. Forgot that it is pretty awesome now cos of the the DR.

Oh I thought you were using weapons that thrived on critical hits. Axton’s primary gains in Patch 2.0 was BF’s Critical Hit bonus, Ranger’s buff and Duty Calls. None of these really benefit splash weapons other than Ranger, which is pretty small given Axton already has alot of additive gun damage. Hence the Tiny Tina Ranger would really benefit crit-based guns much more.

If using splash guns, the Leg Grenadier would probably be the best, due to the pseudo-multiplicative splash buff and the significant amount of additive gun damage it provides.

I have tested both fairly extensively and the Legendary Grenadier is more powerful and more ammo efficient…

However, the Chaotic Neutral actually kills a tad faster albeit with a lot more ammo use.

The Fire Rate and not having to reload as often overcomes the less damage per shot…at least in a short burst mode firefight. Over the long haul…the Legendary Grenadier is just hard to beat as long as the weapons get the Grenade Damage splash bonus.