Heavy ammo regen with Means of Destruction

I’m trying to get my head around how the Epicenter grenade regens heavy ammo like crazy but many other grenades, including atlas trackers, don’t.

Any thoughts?

Gonna have to test this out out myself.

The Epicenter’s ring of orbs operate the same basic way as a MIRV rather then being an effect like a Bouncing Betty or Hex tendril. this emans they’re not caught up in the Hex nerfs/bugs that are out there at the moment. They also hit don’t detonate when they hit a target but pass through them. As they do they can hit multiple time dealing pulses of Splash damage. If you go out into The Droughts and throw them at Skags long enough, sooner or later you’ll see one running in the same direction as one of the Orbs and get hit 3+ times.

As its all based on the number of hits you can generate with splash, dropping an Epicentre on large targets will see multiple orbs pass through them each dealing multiple hits. The same goes for dropping one in the middle of a relatively tight-packed group.

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That all sounds fine, except the atlas grenades NEVER regen heavy ammo. Each grenade I am using hits 20 times, I can throw 14 of them and never get a single MOD proc.

So it’s not just about the number of hits.

Heavy ammo regenerates something like 10x slower then other ammo that is why you see that.

That makes no sense either. Regen rate should be the same for Epicentre and tracker once it procs MoD.

Do you mean the Hex? The Hex has been blocked from triggering MoD at the moment (the same with Storm Front and Quasar).

No i mean a Purple Atlas grenade.

Bugged I’d say.

Just went and threw some grenades at some skags and as long as I hit the skags before they started seeking everything worked fine. Once they started seeking none of MoD, Fire in the Skag Den or Vampyr worked.

They said there was “unintended side effects” with the changes they made to grenades in th elast patch. I imagine this is one of them.

Man I really appreciate you checking. It’s Driving me nuts. Lol.

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