"Heavy damage": what is it?

I found an artifact that has “+15% heavy damage”. Anyone know what that means exactly?

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rocket launcher.

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i think this includes grenade launchers (torgue shotgun varieties) and anything not specifically classed as gun, or elemental damage. I could be wrong, I just don’t think gun damage buffs specifically apply to things like the Boring Gun


Torque has grenade launchers?

Torgue has a wide variety of guns based on the type of barrel. you really have to examine the barrel of the gun because that’s a huge determinant for how it behaves. same for maliwan, they took the more intriguing manufacturers and gave them all sorts of different effects based on barrel. Im not entirely sure what the gun makeup is now broken by parts but it’s really quite fascinating seeing how they interact on a much deeper level now


Interesting, thank you!

for sure. barrel types are fairly recognizable because there are specific styles to them. I’m still terrible at grip spotting but you just have to look at the gun, really, check it in item view or whatever. as far as I know the primary factors of guns are grip and barrel (besides gun type and manufacturer) but I really haven’t looked farther. someone will do some data mining so we can break down the types of gun parts eventually

I would assume it means the Heavy Weapons category, i.e. launchers etc. The same way it could roll assault rifle damage

Always been so bad with learning about weapon parts in any of the games, despite my extreme loot hoarding tendencies.

they all tend to stick to a visual pattern. just check em out, guess, and then look back at Borderlands 2 weapons parts to get an idea. they introduced alien barrels but took out “etech” as an entire genre of gun. grips are tough to learn because there’s typically very little to notice but barrels are thematically obvious


Ok, thanks!

Yeah, I assumed rocket launcher but wasn’t clear what else it might mean. I mean if it’s just rocket launchers why not just say that instead? I thought maybe snipers or ARs or grenades might be included but it seems a bit vague.

well the launcher weapon class is called Heavy Weapons and isnt 100% rocket launchers, but they all take the same heavy ammo. Some are more like railguns, some are sorta like grenade launchers, and some are just classic rocket launchers. I dont use them much but I know theres more variety to them now.

True I guess but some other guns like shotguns and even some pistols also behave more like rocket or grenade launchers so was wondering what the distinctions were if any.