Heavy rakk attakk!

Rakk are incredibly annoying, and one of my favourite methods for dealing with them is to slap on a spike shield. Then I just stand there and let them try their best. The problem is that some of their attacks really are powerful. All of your shield plus 99% of your health, and they don’t seem to take any damage themselves. What’s up with that? They should be dead meat just for attempting to harm me, but instead I’m left there with my ass hanging out, running for cover.

Does someone have an explanation to this? This is ordinary rakk we’re talking about here, and it doesn’t matter if it’s in NVHM or UVHM. It’s as if they hit you with a meteor instead of their flapping wings. And the best part is that if they manage to get you into FFYL, they immediately clip into the mountains so you have absolutely no chance to hit them. :rage:


Just plain regular rakk, not the elemental varieties?

I do wonder if there’s the equivalent of enemies ‘criting’ the player; so, if the rakk hit you in the head they get a damage bonus multiplier against you. Not sure how you’d test that out though? You’d need a third person perspective to see where you were being hit, so it would have to be done in a co-op session.


No elements! No badasses! No nothing! Plain trash rakk!

If that was the case, we’d see a lot more situations where you go from full health and shields to just a couple of hitpoints in one blow. I don’t think that even the strongest attacks from some of the raids deplete your health that low in one single blow, and the only attacks from regular enemies that can devastate you like that is if you take a direct hit from a launcher. In the OP levels it’s more common, ofc, but keep in mind that this happens in NVHM, TVHM and UVHM. I can’t think of a single enemy that has that kind of power in NVHM.

Hmm. The only other thing I can think of is if the spawns get glitched and you’re actually being hit by more than one simultaneously? Or there’s some odd numbers RNG can throw damage-wise? I shall have to do some experimentation!

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I concur wholeheartedly.

Two areas cause this for me.

  • The Fridge. Going through the Fridge for the first time after Sanctuary takes off you have two waves of rats. After you dispatch them 4-7 rakks of regular variety (occasionally one badass or slagged, but usually just plain ones) spawn and if you don’t get under cover quickly you will be smacked into FFYL from their dives.
  • 3rd Eridium pumping station. If you’re doing a stand-off fight from the rocks near the catch-a-ride be careful not to aggro the rakks in the area. If you do they will do the same, dive attacks that put you (as R_R said) within a sliver of health from being dead, which pretty much stinks since you’re usually already under heavy fire from the Hyperions (including Hawks/Predators) in the area and the rakk beatdown usually means FFYL from a random Hyperion dude, which you hopefully can second wind from. Again, these are plain-vanilla rakks with amazing destructive power.
    Yes, I hate them.

The Fridge is notorious for this. Both upper and lower level. But I can’t think of a single rakk-area where this hasn’t happened to me.

What makes these attacks extra “strange” is that despite the fact that I’m weraing a spike shield, which more or less one-shots the rest of the bunch, the one rakk that causes this massive dammage seems to fly away pretty much unscathed.

The plot thickens! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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