Heavy Weapons; I'd like to see more variety

Most of them are variations of RPGs. This is fine, that’s what they do. But I think we can do better.

Firstly, Tediore launches should come back, but this time have them fire in a straight line like a javelin or missile, not randomly like a one winged jet.

Secondly, the Chucka COV chemical throwers are an awesome idea that I would love to see expanded upon.

Thirdly: minigun. Vladof would be perfect, and it could consume ammo at a set rate like lasers.

Fourthly: Laser Cannon. I’m talking an actual giant laser beam, kinda like Iron Man’s Proton Cannon from MvC (which I thought the Ion Cannon would be, but just turned out to be a RPG with planned obsolescence).

Finally: Jakobs portable cannon. I’m talking cannonballs, perhaps a mirv effect on crit.


Oh, and I’d love to see the Vladof Mini-missile underbarrel get it’s own legendary, as a heavy weapon firing swarms of mini rockets would be awesome.

A Jakob’s heavy weapon eh? I don’t think the Borderlands are ready for that sort of thing just yet. I’m picturing a solid steel tube on Moze’s tiny shoulder lmao

Weapons most likely won’t come out of their current manufacturer range
I would like to see all that
Maliwan launchers, Hyperion pistols, vladof shotguns
But that will take a lot of time to implement it I guess

Thing is, all those examples were in prior games. Maliwan launchers (norfleet), hyoerion pistols (fibber), and BL1 had vladof shotguns.
No reason they can’t bring it back in, I reckon.
Only new one I think suggested in this topic is Jakobs heavy.

They could
But regarding current weapon “balance”
It would take some time to implement all the white, green, purple and leg guns to make it
I don’t think they would just start tossing in a single leg Hyperion pistol and that’s it
They are at least that professional
Every manufacturer would require a new weapon type

Not necessarily. For the ones present in BL2 and 1, they could adapt or even tweak old designs while importing.
I don’t think every manufacturer would need a new weapon type, I don’t really see any reason why they can’t just put in new ones as needed.

A few definitely need modifying, though. Atlas needs elements and another weapon type, for one.