Heckraiser challenge doesnt work

Anyone else not ablt to get this challenge to work. I have 4 legendary bloody harvest guns equipped and have instant equipped when looting on top of just picking the guns up. I get about 2 of them a day running the event once and still cant get it to work. Its the one of the last 2 challenges I have left. Im playing on mayhem 2 if anyone had the problem and thats the reason. But I can’t get the last prize for completing the challenges.

you need to actually equip the weapon for it to work, kinda confusing.

I do, I said it in the beginning of my post

I’m having the same issue, I’ve gotten numerous legendaries from the event and I’ve equipped em and used them and still haven’t gotten it completed. This game is definitely bugged I mean wth game why isn’t this fixed yet, I feel like I’m playing call of duty all over again.

Ditto. Posted this morning here Problems with Bloody Harvest about this and BA ghost kills not counting.

Update: Thought I had equipped one but I guess not, got back in the game, equipped the Fearmonger, the challange completed. Sorry about that.