Hector's Paradise and Grenade Damage Buff

I was thinking…always a dangerous thing for me…lol


Hornet is a great Pistol on Axton…gets the Grenade Damage Buff.

I was thinking…perhaps the Hector’s Paradise which has been so-so rated so far…just might be a pretty darn good shield buster and general pistol on Axton. Since it is based on the Hornet I assume it would also get that nice little buff. But this time to shock.

And Only Thunderball Fists as a Shock Pistol utilizes the Grenade Damage buff…but does it badly as only the shock balls coming down from above utilize the buff…and frankly…they miss a lot and seem underwhelming.

Little Evie does not use the buff…sadly…

I just can’t think of any other shock pistol that would/could utilize that buff Axton has.

Anybody know if Hector’s Paradise gets the Grenade Damage Buff?

Anybody tried it on Axton??

Pretty much everything new in the DLC inherits the same splash damage behavior as the items they were based on:

  • Hector’s Paradise has 80% added grenade splash, just like the hornet.
  • Nirvana has 50% added grenade splash, just like the Hellfire. Both still do less damage than plasma casters…
  • Peak Opener has child grenades that are 100% grenade splash damage, just like the Kerblaster. The initial projectile is not grenade splash.
  • the unicornsplosion is annoying to test because of the visual clutter and I have to figure out a better method. I’m 90% sure it’s just like the swordsplosion. I know for a fact the child grenades are grenade splash, and I believe the impact damage is not.
  • The infection cleaner should have the same strange throw-reload math as the Avenger, since I’ve seen somebody do Bee + Infection Cleaner chucking.

So Paradise should be a good shock gun on Axton. I think they tried to add some anti-shield weapons in this DLC since enemies here have much beefier shields. We got the Amigo, the Paradise, and the Peak Opener


That’s been my experience so far. Also good for Krieg.

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