Hedronic Eruption

Dear Gearbox Devs can we please get the ability to bounce enemies up on Hedronic eruption. I don’t know why this was changed but I don’t like it. It made me less likely to play Attikus after the change. We have plenty of characters with abilities that slow by having Hedronic Eruption bounce foes in the air when fully charged added not only a unique character mechanic but also strategy.

Im have to say i play lately with attikus and its horrible. Even alani kill him. I ussually be surrender by all rhe people. Have no time to hit nobody because people is always moving around easily hiting you. He is so big and people always choose him to attack .and even he lost to see them. I even suffer . Maybe increase more the life .and decrease the damage. And the ultimate is ridiculous .the effect and the damage. Even kill him ussually.

No point in picking this Thral piece of ■■■■.
Deande does his ■■■■ but better and more relaible

The idea was that his ult didn’t allow the team to attack whoever you were ulting. I haven’t played him since the patch, but if he’s worse, it should be helped soon

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The only thing Attikus needs is either a longer SILENCE, or change the silence back to a STUN.
his ultimate is ok, the slow stacks up well in a team fight.
His damage is wonderful, and his wave clear is decent.
IMO his lifesteal (sustain) needs a little love. Not alot, but just a tiny bit, so when he gets stunned or slowed(the old dog is rather slow bit hes earned it) its not a death sentance.
Id take buff to sustain if the stun HAS TO BE a no go. But honestly his own stun wld be juuuuusst perfect.

He’s fine it’s like I said I think that the bouncing of his enemies up in the air was a unique mechanic that made him more fun to play

Any changes to make attikus more effective would make him broken, he is already the best late game character when built and played properly.

The change to his ultimate has made him stronger than he was if you use the skill correctly. (At range, to knock down groups and deployables/camps)

17/28 battleborns can get him out of his ult. Slow wont help to prevent this.

Thats why i dont use his crappy skill at all. Is more a waste of stacks, i use it if some1 is fleeing and pounce is in cd.

I disagree I think El Dragon is better late game

Thats because ult combo.

Attikus hits like a truck, base dmg 78+ 60% lvl3 right + 18.2%vov+5.46%oath+5.46%vampiric+36% lvl10 = thats around 224 dmg per hit

Or attack speed 20% lvl7, + 5.04 vov+16.8 vozf+12.6 doomsday key = 54.44% attack speed

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What is this? Is this a gear that i havent seen yet?

This is what, IMO, made Attikus so great pre-buff. He was underrated and considered the worst character in the game, which was totally fine by me, nothing I loved more than being underestimated. And with the recent patch that removed the attack speed nerf during slow, I haven’t played in a long time but I assume that affected Attikus’s ult as well? His ult was often the only reason he was picked on a team, when I heard they were increasing his health I was really excited as he was one of my favourite characters at the time but I see the removal (I see it as a removal of CC, not a change) of his CC being a nerf and the added health to compensate a cop-out. When he could area stun and mass knock-up, he was the disruptor that he was labelled as, now he’s more of a tank than anything else, there are so few true disruption characters in BB as is so there was no reason to nerf one in such a way, he wasn’t buffed he was standardised at best.


Knock up only is defensive. Slow is offensive because other people can target them now.

And even if other battle born can get anyone out of an ultimate aside from ghalt, hedronic has a massive range and if you aren’t using that + environment its your own fault if you get hit out of it.

Yet Attikus is supposed to be a defender. And knock-up could be used offensively, as slow can be used defensively, it’s all about timing and placement.

Sometimes crap just happens. You can’t always be backed up against a wall with your flanks covered when you activate your ult, and if you’re using it offensively as you suggest then you’d likely be pushing up and putting yourself at greater risk of being flanked or ambushed and ultimately knocked out of ult. Sometimes it just happens, and you’re vulnerable for the duration.

Vampiric vestment 280 hp, 5.46% attack power. 28hp for killing a major enemy max 10

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Is so easy to avoid his ultimate and any good player who has a way to get him out of his ult will save his skills to just do it. Just keep an eye on him and w8 to use pulls and stuns.

Attikus is just a big target, when i play alani and i find an attikus i know he is my osmosis source, ove he hit lvl 5 i wait and use geyser to get him out of it

There’s a glitch where the attacker and defender labels are switched, according to devs