Hek hole key mob

Can anyone explain to me what the mechanic is behind this mob? I just don’t get it. Half the time I kill it with no problem. The other half the time it’s practically invulnerable and basically one shots me with 20k shields. I just don’t get what the mechanics are around this mob.

No it’s not mayhem modifiers (although that is certainly making it harder as I’m playing on M2). I’m killing other mobs fine with the same weapons. I think some runs I kill Haunt faster than that stupid key mob. I don’t get it. I just died twice to him and I haven’t died once to Haunt.

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for me i am betting it’s based on which keymob i get, i dread getting a flame heavy keymob at the gate. they are pretty much 100% resistant to my fire build.

So wait a minute…you saying it changes (independent of mayhem modifiers)? I never actually noticed different versions. Does the name change from instance to instance or something?

sometimes i have gotten badass heavy maliwan flamers, and other times i gotten just plain badass ones. i think it’s more based on which mob it is.

Are we talking about the same mob? I’m talking about the big ratch thing holding the key in his mouth that goes to the Haunt area of Heck Hole.

The ratch one never changes. demonpride is talking about the first gate mob right after the vendors when you enter heck. Sometimes it’s just a badass (the red robed guys) sometimes it’s a heavy, and the heavies can be different elemental types.

You don’t want to get anywhere near the ratch because it has a devastating AOE attack that it repeatedly does. It might leech as well like Chupcabra does, I’m not sure as I keep my distance.


Yeah I sort of figured out the devastating AoE part after posting this actually. I guess the reason my experience changes so much is that sometimes it seems much harder to kill which I guess means it ends up getting on top of me more often causing me to die from the AoE.

Other times I kill it pretty fast so that never comes into play. Not sure how the resists for it work but seems to sometimes be contrary to other mobs in the area for whatever reason.

oh that one yeah, he’s a bit of a pain in the ass. resistant to pretty much every element, i see no point in that. i can understand fighting your way to captain haunt. but as always these types of enemies are just bullet sponges. and if you are playing on mayhem with pshysical bullet damage decrease, that just makes that keymaster more lame.

I’ve noticed that explosive weapons always work well on that mob so I usually switch to a Flakker for him and no matter the modifiers I get on M3 always kill him fairly quickly.

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Elemental projector + hazardous sellout + phasecast + fire crossroad = melted in 1-2 magazines.