Heliophage (Advanced) bug, Thrall Foreman disappears

Hey, seems like it sometimes jumps and get stucked somewhere in the abyss between platforms (according to minimap boss sign). So, Bagranth is dead, and i cannot complete the level. No way to see/kill it, marquise auto-owls cannot find him too. Fix please !

Update: the next try was succesfull, just should kill Thrall ASAP, so now i got my Deande and another silver advanced level for Ghalt. But the bug still exist, i suppose.

This same bs happened to me. Trying to unlock Deande but apparently it’s impossible cause you can’t play with other people and you can’t do it solo either.

Had it happen to us too. Here’s a screenshot. You can barely see him, a tiny white dot. I modded the image so you can see where he is. Ended up having to suicide out to get our gear and not waste our time. It happened because we knocked him off the edge and the second time he did not respawn in the middle.

So word. Don’t try and knock bosses off the edge (even if they can do this repeatedly to you and it feels like just desserts.)