Heliophage Advanced Separate from Regular Advanced Story Missions

Simple question, if Normal Mode has a choice to do Heliophage only specifically, why can you not do the same for Advanced Mode? This is something I have been questioning myself for a while. I think that this would be a great addition since when Heliophage does pop up as one of the choices, most people pick that mission. I really hope they add this into the Story Mode Public section.

Same! I wanted Heliphage SEPARATE from “Advanced” loadout for a simple reason

Most randoms cannot do Advanced Heliphage !!

But whenever it is an option they pick it (probably because they need a win or want gold) and we die shortly after the mission starts. It is kind of a waste

I’d rather have it by itself so I know only dedicated people want to play it

(Hell if I’m being honest I’d rather EVERY mission be the option to queue for others for THAT SPECIFIC mission. Because I just hate doing Sentinal and the Experiment but everyone seems to pick them all the time but I HATE those 2 stages)

I’m going to generalize here.

Whenever Heliophage pops up and I have low level people (sub 30) in my team they usually vote for this since that’s the hardest one and they probably haven’t completed it yet. The issue with this is that it’s a 60 min+ commitment and most groups don’t beat it. Usually the people that are the “anchors” of the group are the people that voted for it (probably the same reason that they haven’t beaten it yet).
Whenever I get it the group either wipes miserably on the first big pull since everyone spreads out too much and get picked off one at a time or the group stacks on top of each other and gets killed by thrall brute grenades (those are my favorite ones since I don’t waste too much time). Even worse is when we get to Rendain and the team either doesn’t listen to my advice of going to the side platform and lose all our lives early on or we just get slaughtered by the countless enemies that people refuse to kill.

Anyways, the issue with this being on the queue is that completing this on advanced requires coordination within the team especially when it’s beefed up to a 5man. Most PUGs don’t have the coordination required or some of the less skilled players end up not contributing much at all making it that much harder.

That all being said, I’ve completed it once with a random group or maybe even twice, out of at least 15 times of getting thrown into it. This mission shouldn’t be thrown in the mix of missions as it’s highly improbable to complete with randoms (in my experience).

I agree with you on this. Almost 95% of the time when Heliophage comes up as a selection, it is chosen by all the other players. However, usually what ends up happening is Mission Failure…(At least from my point of view). Players also really need to be aware of what to expect on Advanced Mode in general. Many times I see players lower than Rank 10 trying to do Experiment, Saboteur, or Heliophage…which ends up usually in failing the mission. It would also be nice to set something up such as this. Only those that passed all the missions on normal or has a Command Rank of 25 or higher can access Advanced Story Mode.

I actually like it the way it is although I wouldn’t be put out by having a dedicated Heliophage advanced link. The only thing having a dedicated Advanced Heliophage link would do is allow people who don’t want to play Heliophage to avoid it. It won’t do anything to solve people who may not be up to the challenge giving it a shot. They’ll just pick the Advanced Heliophage link and wait in that queue.

I’ve had a similar experience with most posters here in that most of my attempts as a PUG playing in PUG Advanced Heliophage have been failures. I’ll admit that I’ve contributed to some of those failures. However, without repeated attempts and some experienced veterans guiding us PUGs through the level, I would never have learned some of the tricks for tackling the level (starting left, order of tackling bosses, which platforms to fight the bosses on). I’ve been in 3 winning matches out of somewhere between 15 to 20 attempts.

I guess from the perspective of farming gear, putting Advanced Heliophage in its own queue is a pretty good idea. To me, Advanced Heliophage is not a good choice for farming gear, particularly with the frugal nature of the RNG. So, being able to avoid it makes sense if gear is your focus. But, if your goal is to get a Rendain Legendary, the suggestion of splitting Advanced Heliophage won’t actually help you. You’ll still have to navigate lots of inexperienced players trying to tackle it.

On the other hand, if ranking up characters is your goal, I get the sense that on Advanced Heliophage the experience you earn over time is the highest rate of any level in the game due to the fact that it is one long, intense, high enemy count fight with almost no break in the action. No waiting for waves to start, almost no running from point a to point b without opposition from enemies. Even with a loss you are earning some serious xp. So, I generally don’t feel bad about a loss.

I’ll close with an anecdote. Just today I was playing Advanced Heliophage in a 5 man PUG. We were stalled in our first fight after going left from the central elevator chamber with lots of deaths and not being able to put up kills fast enough to get to the Thrall Brutes or the Beastmasters. We burned through our lives and were down to watching just one player left. Then the player gets an extra life and I’m in. We’re still struggling with the Beastmaster packs, but chipping away at the Beastmasters and the Thrall Brutes every now and again. 2 players bail. We get another life and the timer doesn’t look to be in our favor, but the third player that just respawned goes right and starts soloing that side while we make our way on the left. In the end, two of our players (not me) get back to the pads before the timer runs out and we make it to the Rendain fight. We beat it pretty handily (not denying that losing two players didn’t make it easier on us) with 12 lives left. It was totally clutch and probably the most fun I’ve had on Advanced Heliophage.

I would agree separating heliophage from the advanced playlist although just a few hours ago had one of the most epic games ever. (5 man pub group)

Cleared the whole level and all the bosses with only Warlord Nix left at the end and he spawned ungodly amount of brutes etc. we finally kill nix still had like 8 lives left but there were still an absurd amount of enemies. Rendain spawns and suddenly our life pool starts dropping people getting KO’d left and right.

Long story short 0 lives left it was me (thorn), Oscar Mike, and Alani left alive Rendain still at half health. A few clutch revives later and I did the Wombo combo (volley to curse, blight, ult) to finish off Rendain with all 3 of us at basically 0 health. It was absolutely epic my heart was pounding so hard!

Got nothing good drop but got gold medal (finally!) and finished with over 520k damage dealt lol

Thanks GBX for providing a fun challenging gaming experience

Just got Gold on Helio Advanced, Miko, Marquis, Reyna and me as Oscar Mike.

Holy hell that does sound epic. Got a vid of that last part? Would like to see it

Congratz !!

…Thanks, amazingly we did it in 52 minutes with a lot of lives left.

Yea I do have video of the last part of Rendain I’ll see if I can trim it up once I get on my ps4 later tonight I’ll try and upload it