Heliophage and advanced missions should give bigger exp rewards

No one is actually grinding his chars in advanced mode or Heliophage, since the risk/reward comparison is lacking a lot. Choosing such mission should give a high exp reward to encourage people to grind their stuff (chars, items) in there.


it become very easy with a good team. I’m 5/6 on advanced and the first time playing we barely got killed by the bubble of death. someone missed the far left point to cover.

but yes i agree due to the amount of time, skill and overall team work it requires. even other maps on advanced tend to require a team when having 4 others with you.

Actually, I’d rather they didn’t. Taking a new character into Heliophage or Saboteur advanced is almost certainly going to fail the mission.

That said, I wouldn’t mind Heliophage dropping more items. It’s nearly twice as long as the other missions, for fewer rewards as far as number of items. If the other bosses dropped items (even if there was no chance of a legendary,) it would make the Heliophage more palatable considering how often it fails.

Wut? Risk:reward ratio is just fine. For me, the risk on both advanced and normal is negligible, the difference in the time it takes to complete is similarly negligible (a couple minutes, at most), the rewards on advanced are most definitely better (something like 25% more credits and xp; definitely more and better loot), and advanced is way more fun/interesting for me.

There’s pretty much no reason for me to play on normal when advanced is an option.

The only exception to this (and only part of your post that I’ll agree with) is Heliophage. Helio Adv is the bastard child of an angry wolverine and a polar bear with an ulcer. It has a ridiculously high failure rate, takes twice as long as any other mission, and has absolutely pathetic drops (has like 2 6 chests and, even though you fight 7 bosses, only Rendain can drop legendaries).

Helio Adv should be removed from the general advanced queue (so that people aren’t forced into an obscenely hard hour long mission when they felt like running a reasonably difficult 30 minute one just because some low CR people who haven’t beaten Helio Adv yet outvote them), the boss rush enemies should have a chance to drop their legendaries, and the credits/xp should be given a significant increase to justify the difficulty (it already provides similar credits/xp per time as the other adv missions, in my experience).