Heliophage checkpoint problem

Last evening we tried to do the silver medal on normal Heliophage with a friend. Unfortunately, while we did the 2nd def.point, I got a call and had to leave for about 5-6 mins. When I came back, I saw a message, that I was Inactive, and have to be active in 5 mins, or the server will drop me. I was glad for two reasons: one, afkers are being ‘filtered out’ some way, and two, this way, my friend could initiate the Rendain fight alone, before the timer ran out.

So, I rushed through the map to join him, but here I encountered a bit of an issue: the gates were closed. I thought, ‘Okay, I jump down, then respawn at the boss fight’. Nope, I respawned outside. The main problem was, when my friend died, he respawned outside too, and we were both locked out, and had to start the mission all over.

I think Gearbox should be disable checkpoint activating during a bossfight, or just automatically respawn players at the nearest checkpoint to the active boss during the fight.