Heliophage Co-Op Rendain: Too Many Adds

I’ve noticed I can’t get a team of 5 in the Heliophage public any more, and so far the experience has been… not fun at all.

Way too many adds spawn in the fight with Rendain, so unless you have an ultra sustain character you’ll die, then someone else will die trying to revive you, and so on in a chain reaction.

Currently can only find one more person for Heliophage co-op… hardly anyone’s trying it anymore so matchmaking is barren.

It’s far easier with two right now anyway. I know that doesn’t address the issue, but I suggest just running it with two until such time as they tweak the scaling.

I was able to complete it easily with 3 last night.

I’ve had the same problem. I have only successfully finished that mission 3 times since the release. I’m just glad that it is a separate option in the public menu so people won’t keep choosing it.

Seems 3 is the perfect number for the scaling as it is presently.
I just had a 3-player run of it right now that was way more enjoyable than the previous ones.

The problem with the Heliophage’s last fight is the map:
you have too many chasm and the bosses have a too punishing knockback effect.

With a lot of mob you risk to be surrounded and knocked back into the chasm by the boss, without any way of escape.

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We beat heliophage with 5 earning gold on my first pug coop run. But it was a close call. We almost ran out of lives because the adds killed us almost instandly after the drop into the combat area. We focused primarily on the bosses.

However I think it is necessary to have one platform where you clear the adds so you can have a recovery zone.
I like the sandy platform on the side opposite of the spawn room cause It has this little roofed ally and you can make an easy dash for it after spawning. Also it’s okay for not getting pushed into the void.

But yeah there is probably to many adds in there.

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I achieved gold on first attempt with a group of 3 in matchmaking, haven’t queued for it since. I’m waiting on the advanced matchmaking to go live next week.

If the Adds are presenting a lot of trouble, fight Rendain on one of the side platform instead of the center one and stick close to the wall.

If you do this, the Add on the other half of the screen won’t be joining the fight.

That works in solo/2P, and if lucky during 3 players.

There are no spaces without an add in them in 4 and especially 5 player mode. =P

I’m waiting on the advanced matchmaking to go live next week.

Source, please?

“Likely, sometime Monday - Wednesday, but not firm time / date yet. We will announce it in the news when it happens.”


Sweet, thanks!

With 5 people, this is almost UNBEARABLY difficult.

It doesn’t help that it’s near impossible to revive teammates with all the absurd knockbacks going off in the final phase, and Rendain’s swords are so f*cking unfair - you can get chain knocked up infinitely. This attack NEEDS a “diminishing return” for the love of god…

…But being SHREDDED by 30+ heavy gunner enemies for all sides is just… absurd. I sometimes try to spend time focusing them down, but he just spawns more when I do ffs…


I believe the expected tactic is to have foreknowledge about when the adds will spawn and move to the platform that has the tunnel. That should cover you from a lot of shots from the other minions while you clean up.

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Managed to beat it with a party of 5 yesterday after about three attempts. On the winning go we did the final battle with Rendain on the left side platform and mostly hugged the outside of the map. We ignored any far away bad guys and mostly focused on Rendain. In my experience melee characters don’t work very well on this level. We had two Montanas, Reyna, Oscar Mike, and I believe Thorn. Rendain isn’t actually all that durable if you can manage to keep your fire focused.

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The first attempt I did on it was advanced with 3 people, I think we had shane&aurox, ambra and toby. Got through it but had about 4 deaths each and about 50min, cause of the double bosses that spawn.

Just foucus on one boss (usually the ones that don’t spawn more minions when weaker) at a time and keep going around the map cleaning up the minions. Also avoid the mid platform.

Though it wouldn’t be fun if it was an easy mission, the challenge without being a defend mission was fun. hopefully they make more of that sort of mission.

It does seem a bit unfair but it certainly does feel apocalyptic when a boss spawns and you have to avoid the smaller minions. In one of our boss runs I put all my energy into thinning the horde of Varelsi while the rest of the team concentrated on the boss. I think having more than one jump pad location in the spawn room would help considerably. Being able to jump into a map section with more cover would stop the chain wipe that happens from being launched into the middle every time.

There is actually 2 (maybe 3) more that people don’t notice. If you turn around when you look at the 1 in the room, there is an area you can jump out of with the jump pads to take you to the other areas.


Yet at least two melee characters have Lore challenges that can only be completed against Rendain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: