Heliophage diffclutly levle (advanced)

i spent two hours of my day trying to the heliophage seriously that msiison needs to nerfed the aont of bosses and rende and the amout of bosses with in it is fun but is just to hard.i played with 3 people (osca mike,montana and galilea

Even the “normal” Heliophage and “Sabotuer” are very hard to beat for the bigger crowds, I think its okay that the last storymission on advanced difficulty is REALLY advanced difficulty.
As someone who beat all Halo-tites on legendary-level I´ve to say I adore such neckbreaking, nasty challanges. I even enjoy my outrages when I die 50times, because it shows a game is a true challange to beat.

especially the last part when fighting rendain the second time. we went from being quite ok with 8 lives to constantly dying and loosing all our lives within a few minutes

It’s all the pop ups, dude. You get knocked off the edges just so much… It doesn’t help that so many of the bosses, Rendain included, love staying in the middle. And that of course is right where the jump pad at spawn plunks you down, turning the level into a meat grinder.

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yep i 100% agree with all of u and with the shear amounts of thralls across the map is unreal when redean spawns

Managed to Solo Heliophage in Advance, got a Silver Rating (I swear i deserved Gold!). Took a while though, had to take a couple of minutes throughout a single boss fight to regroup and regen health before going back out into the fray. Had to keep moving all around the map, thralls, varelsi, etc all swarming the place, no place to rest or hide (except maybe one decent place I found that gave me about 5-10 seconds of breathing room).

Lost like 6 lives+ throughout that entire Boss Fight(s) 3 were from being knocked off the damn platforms by enemies.

All in all, The Heliophage is decently difficult for 1-2 players…3+ it can get a bit silly, not the boss fights at the end, but making it there within those 23 minutes.

I’m not even going to discuss The Saboteur, I hate that mission (I still managed to get a Gold in Advance with a friend).