Heliophage Drops and Rendain

Has anyone seen any luck in the heliophage? Advanced is like death sentence in a team so ive only done normal 5 man so far about 5-6 times. But I havent really seen anything yet. Trying to get rendain to drop some shiny stuff but it always seems like you can never get much from him due to his attacks lingering after he dies along with enemies facetanking you when you try to collect. (they honestly need to put the lootsplosion in the main room with the field for him IMO)

I’ve done advanced on it five times and normal on it five times, i got only whites and greens but on my last normal run i got a max roll vow of zealous fury. Which is amazing! Much better than the vow of zealous fury i was currently using

I did 5-man Advanced Heliophage last night and we got a green drop from Rendain, one green from a megachest, and 5 whites. As I understand it now, none of the chests, enemies, or bosses on that stage - (e.g. no one but Rendain) have any chance of dropping Legendary items. And thus I complained too. Perhaps a Green from Rendain during normal times is only “disappointing”, as some have said, and while I’m not sure yet whether I agree with that or not, I’m very sure that a Green during Lootpocalypse is more than just disappointing.

This was my original post:

I will add, though, that I have few other complaints. I love Battleborn, and will continue to play either way, but there is always room for improvement, and to that, I believe that Heliophage’s loot should be more in-line with it’s length and chance to fail. I don’t think it would be out of line to assume a guaranteed Blue from Advanced Rendain and perhaps Purple during Lootpocalypse. As I point out in my other thread - it takes an hour, there are no other sources of Legendaries on that map, there’s a high chance of failure, greens and whites can be farmed in minutes with no risk, and greens and whites are basically worthless to anyone running Advanced Heliophage to begin with.

Honestly It would go much easier if you didn’t run it with a team. Just play oscar mike and grab some space lasers as well as a bunch of recoil reduction. With the right build you can just melt some of the bosses with one ult use (Nix dies in about three seconds if you spam ur nades and Ult and get crits, though he still spawns all his minions). I’ve already gotten everything from that mission and most of it in max stats too, and at the end of my farming runs I was averaging a time of about 40 min on advanced.

If you want to know my build/gear just let me know. otherwise good luck to you comrades.

You’ll get the loot anyway at the end of the mission even if you didn’t pick it up. Not the scores, but credits and gear.

I am so unbelievably jealous! I have run advanced heliophage probably 25-30 times trying for this and have never received even a poor roll. Most often I’ll get some greens and whites or maybe a blue. I have received 3 doomsday keys but never the VoZF.

I also had quite the funny run last night on Advanced Hardcore Heliophage. I had just killed the Maligner and was taking a jumppad over to kill the guys that shield Jailer Hylis and a thrall was jumping from said platform. We collided in midair and I just explode…not knocked off but instadeath in midair. I had full health…

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2 Man advanced mode is easy.

Run through the first two parts and play split when you get to the last part. Usually beat it with Orendi and Ambra.

Ran it 3x in a row and got a legendary on each one :grinning:

o.o when you want to get the hulk to smash someone for rubbing luck in but he is nowhere to be found. :imp: