Heliophage in extreme, is it possible?

One of the trophies to win on PS4 is to complete all 8 missions of the story in extreme mode.

I’ve completed Heliophage in normal mode alone, with Oscar Mike. I died 6 times.
I’ve also completed Heliophage in advanced mode, with 2 buddies (Montana and Miko). We died between 4 to 6 times each.

Is it really possible to complete Heliophage in extreme mode with a least one player not dying at all ?

You’re talking about Hardcore. It’s just normal mode with no extra lives. You can die, you just need to be revived. Yes, it’s totally possible. I suggest a good comp of three or four players instead of five and Miko is always good.

Oscar Mike is a good hero to do this mission. Mid-range, AOE, invisibility to get out of tough situation. So the only critical thing is not to be pushed off an island by Rendain or other bosses. Stick to those two big islands with walls. If you stand between a boss and a wall they won’t push you off. Do not hurry, change your position if needed, clear thralls so they don’t hinder you when you fight bosses.

Yes, I’m talking about hardcore (“extreme” is how this mode is called in french). I meant not being healthed in time.

Definitely, you HAVE to be at least two to play on extreme, right ?
(Edit: I tried Algorithm by myself in hardcore and failed.)

[quote=“AmigaPhil, post:4, topic:1540888, full:true”]Definitely, you HAVE to be at least two to play on extreme, right ?

Yes. In hardcore, you cannot take risks. You have to play slow and deliberately, cooperating with your team, and knowing exactly what to do and how to help each other out.

If you do any mission on hardcore, it basically requires a support character, if only for the beginning, before everyone gets their builds rolling. It’s still nice to have them around when the ■■■■ hits the fan.

Honestly, I find hardcore a lot more fun and engaging than normal because there’s that ever present risk: if you die, you’re out. You need to stick together in case someone goes down but you can’t just stay clustered because AoEs are gonna wipe you both out. It requires a lot more thought and deliberation especially with 5 people.

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Anything is possible with friendship!


Ha, atm, I’m stuck, because none of my friends are playing Battleborn (yet).

Me and my hubby did this together, advanced hardcore. He was Galilea and I was Alani. I revived him twice, he revived me once. Biggest tip O would give, is take one enemy at a time. Never be in the center of a hoard. Be smart and take your time compared to rushing in guns blazing.

No, every map can be played advanced hardcore solo if you choose to, including heliophage. However, its best to not even attempt heliophage hardcore solo (or otherwise) until you can run it on whatever difficulty (in not hardcore mode) without dying. That’s my suggestion, anyways.


Even the time critical missions ? In advanced mode, I failed on Heliophage because I lacked the time to finish the first part (I would have failed on hardcore anyway because I died too).

Absolutely. As you improve your play you’ll be able to run the map faster and faster if you put in some practice. I can do the first half of heliophage solo with 8+ minutes to spare quite comfortably. Crits kill enemies much faster, some enemies can be skipped if you desire (ex: some areas between 1st and 2nd shard) getting every shard and opening every box is a waste of time, etc.


"If you stand between a boss and a wall they won’t push you off"
Not entirely true I’ve actually been knocked UP and over the giant freaking wall behind me once from ground level. Tho I’m assuming that was a rare event and we managed to pull thru so no big deal. Just be aware, it can happen.


No, you don’t have to. But being with another player gives you an opportinity to overcome some mistakes you might make.

But it’s possible to do all missions on hardcore. Actually, if you’re a decent player the Heliofage is the only mission that gives you real threat to fail it, others could be done 100% secure.

If PS4 challenges are the same as Steam achievements, you’re not limited to advanced/hardcore to get your challenge, do normal/hardcore.

I’ve been practicing Heliophage Adv with Thorn. I can get to Rendain, but have not beat him yet. This is all solo with the right gear (max boost to crit damage to try to drop them as fast as possible has been most effective…of course I have to aim well :slight_smile: ) and build carefully planned out, plus knowing how to quickly and carefully run through parts in the beginning (something I practiced on normal).

I’m sure there are other ways out there, but I do think I’m onto a method that will work. I don’t mind it’s so hard. The rest of the levels are fairly simple in comparison (well the last part of saboteur on advanced can be tough to keep Nova alive if you don’t have Kleese on you).

Try Boldur, with overshield when charge, it has a great sustain. I have done the Heliophage in advanced solo and with 2 people, works great ^^

I’ve completed all but Heliophage on Advanced Hardcore. So far I haven’t been able to complete Heliophage once without dying so I’m feeling kind of afraid to try but eh, can’t win if you don’t even try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UPD8; Whiskey is pretty golden for this purpose.

…Yup, Helio advanced just now, using the upper area where Musk spawns but for the final Rendain fight…
He knocked me so high the game got dark. With my back to the wall he still pitched me.

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All advanced levels are pretty easy with marguie, just snipe from a distance. I put health regen, crit damage, and reload or a legendary that gives almost 20% attack speed. Really just the health regen is needed though. Little tip for rendain, if you stand on top of the boxes on the upper platform of the snowy side he can’t hurt you. You still have to deal with the thralls though, but there not hard to take down with some quick head shots.

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If you mean hardcore mode then yes it’s possible just really difficult. The best way I know to do it is run a tank class (Montana/Boldur/Kelvin etc) and run a form of health regeneration. When you get to the final portion of the fight fight on the Ice platform as much as possible as it’s the less effective way to get knocked off the platform.

Also it just says hardcore mode for the trophy, so it doesn’t have to be advanced hardcore, it can be normal hardcore which is alot less taxing.

Playing hardcore with Pendles is A LOT more easier. :wink:

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